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Justin Fatica and five young Catholic missionaries bus around the United States to share the beauty of Christ's love with thousands of people around the nation. An EWTN Original Series.





Episode 1- On The Threshold of The Mission

Theme: Going out to the world; meeting the team

An introduction to Justin and Hard as Nails ministries! Episode 1 gives a look into who the missionaries are and what the mission of HAN is about. The mission is about loving others no matter what. No matter what age they are or what they do everyone is God's kid and they matter!

Shout-out to...

Church of the Assumption  Fairport, NY

Mission Headquarters Syracuse, NY


Episode 2 - The Journey Begins

Theme: Life on the road!

Description: The 2nd episode starts with the team on the road as they go out on the 1st tour. The lesson they learn is that pain and suffering leads to joy!

Shout-out to...

Church of the Assumption Fairport, NY

Notre Dame Church Hermitage, PA

Cathedral Prep Erie, PA


Episode 3-The Prodigal Son Returns

Theme: Returning home; Gods mercy

Justin goes back to his alma mater, Cathedral Prep, with the HAN team. Cathedral Prep is where the seeds were planted of God's love and mercy. God's love is such a powerful force & moves us to go out and love without condition if we are truly open to him loving us.

Shout-out to...

Cathedral Prep Erie, PA


Episode 4-Wounded Healers

Theme: Brokenness; God works through wounds

Description: At Cathedral Prep, Nati and some of the other missionaries share their stories of how God has healed them through their brokenness!

Shout-out to...

Cathedral Prep Erie, PA


Episode 5- The Broken Road

Theme: Going to Christ with your wounds

Description: Every person is broken. What are you going to do about your brokenness? Are you going to go to Christ or yourself to deal with your brokenness? The choice is yours.


Shout-out to...

University of Notre Dame

Jake Boyden


Episode 6- Win It All

Theme: The goal is to get to Heaven
Description: The ultimate goal of our time here on Earth is Heaven. So no matter what our pain here on Earth is going to get us closer to Heaven.

Shout-out to...

University of Iowa

St. Wenceslaus Church Iowa City, IA

Regina High School Iowa City, IA


Episode 7-Family Matters

Theme: Family; Sticking together and looking to God to fill us

Description: Family are the people we are born with and who we are called to love the most, no matter what happens. Family is the important thing in the world and family is the thing that will put the United States back together.


Shout-out to...

Providence High School Clarksville, IN

St. John Cantius Church Chicago, IL

Resurrection Catholic Church Bartlet, IL

Ron Jorgensen

Erie, PA


Episode 8- Go West Young Man

Theme: Reaching out to people no matter what they look like or how they act; we are all God's kids.

Description: The team goes to California and reaches out to public/private schools alike. No matter where you are in the West or East all people matter, no matter what.  


Shout-out to...

Mary Star of the Sea High School Los Angeles, CA

San Pedro Public High School


Episode 9- Answering The Call

Theme: Answering the call that God put on our hearts to love and serve without holding back

Description: The team evangelizes on the streets of LA. They listen to and pray with people. People nowadays are just dying to have someone to listen to them. Are you going to answer the Call to listen?

Shout-out to...

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

Fr. Larry Richards


Episode 10- Just Say Yes!

Theme: Saying 'yes' to the journey ahead of us in life

Description: As the trip comes to an end the team discusses what they’ve learned and look forward to the future. Saying 'Yes' to God brings so much peace and joy!


Shout-out to...

St. Genevieve High School Los Angeles, CA

Bishop Frank Caggiano