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Worrying Too Much for my Own Good

Worrying Too Much for my Own Good

By:  Mission Team November 17, 2021
#AmazingNation, #Anxiety, #Encouragement, #Hard as Nails, #Struggle, #youreamazing

  I am what many call a true worry wort. I literally am worrying about something everyday. If you tell me that you want to meet me in ten minutes, and if it is past that certain time and you have not shown up, I will actually think something has happened to you like you got injured or even died. This probably sounds crazy, and even though I understand that I am often overreacting, I still find myself getting caught up with the smallest things in my head. As much as I hate it when I cannot even help myself with worrying about things, like my Mother simply going to the store to buy a few groceries, and how often I am discouraged when I worry, I have realized just the great amount of gifts God has given me as a worrier. Worrying may seem like a curse, but to me it really is a blessing in disguise, as it showed me how much I really do care for others and has led me to grow in virtue in my own life.

  I am not really sure when I became such a worrier, but I can say that my biggest fear as a child was getting separated from my parents and my family. Being left behind in a public place outside my home seemed like a living nightmare that would leave me petrified even thinking about it. I can guess that my cautiousness only grew from there. It started to seem that I could not go anywhere without feeling that I was going to be left behind or forgotten. Even today, I still find myself second guessing if I will be lost and separated from my community and will have to struggle to survive on my own.

  Now, it doesn’t just end at my own pseudo-separation anxiety, and I actually end up worrying about the most random of things. I could probably list over thousand things that I get weary over, but I do not have the time nor the space to ramble off all of them. Being afraid of arriving late for work or school, that people will break their promises, not being accepted or wanted, etc. are just a few of the things that cause my feeble brain to send smoke out my ears. So, if you pretty much ask me to place my trust in someone or something, I can pretty much confirm that I will question it. 

  So if I overthink virtually everything, how in the heck does worrying help me grow in virtue like I stated above? Well, I have a couple reasons to help me explain myself. First, my struggle with worrying has helped me grow; if I never fought against giving into my worry, I would never be able to conquer it in the same way I do now. Second, it has taught me the need for caution, for even though I am usually over-cautious, I have been able to remind others and myself to caring and looking out for others. Lastly, I have been able to view my worry as a gift from God, and which has granted me the virtue of patience, helping me calm and not fret over things both big and small.

  Yeah, I may worry most of the time, but the more and more I look at my journey with this struggle, the more I am thankful for it. Now, I feel encouraged by the fact that I do worry so much. It may suck to get all caught up in my head sometimes, but I know it is worth it by all the times I have been able to grow, care for those around me, and how much virtue I have achieved. Now, I encourage you all reading this, if you struggle with being a worrier or having anxiety, know that God put it into your life as a gift. I have proof in my worry being a gift, and I want you all to see that you are not alone in this, rather to see that it is a great opportunity given by God for us to one day be with Him in Heaven!


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