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Tomb Day: The Catholic Purge

Tomb Day: The Catholic Purge

By:  Mission Team April 3, 2021

Tomb Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Holy Saturday to me feels a lot like those six days between Christmas and New Year’s. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but they match up perfectly in my head. (Kinda like they are the fall season of the holidays.)

 I am not sure I totally understand why, I think it could be because they both fall between two big and important events in history; one between the birth of Christ and the beginning of the new calendar year, and the other between the death of Christ and Easter. Now, I am not trying to compare New Years and the Resurrection of Jesus in any way… however, I do see a similarity in the placement of these feast days, holy days, and holidays!

 Growing up, my family had a running joke that on “Tomb Day” you could do whatever you wanted, sort of like the whole purge idea, because God can’t see you when He’s in the tomb! 

I realize that this line of thought is erroneous, on one hand because we cannot ever put a limit on God, and on the other hand because obviously the purge is not real.

Something that comes to mind when I think of Holy Saturday is the rest of the apostles and followers of Jesus. I know we are told that they are locked away in upper rooms and all that, but what are they thinking? They just saw Jesus die on a cross. Yet they have followed Him for a long time, they have seen Him heal the sick and raise people from the dead. Do they really believe that this is the end?

I think when a movie ends, when it’s Marvel at least, we know that the credits are not the real end, and there will be something more. I also think of when the end of a party comes, is it really over or are we just going to move outside and start a bonfire? These things fill my mind with that desire to know that something isn’t over.

I really like scrapbooks; I really like collecting photos and information about people’s favorite things and combining them into a book. Yes, I like to do this for the aesthetic of it, but also because I don’t like endings and goodbyes. When I know a chapter of my life is closing, I like to cling to the people, the places, and the memories.

Is that what the apostles were doing? No, I don’t mean they were up in their upper room with craft scissors and ribbon. I mean were they cowering in fear in the corner, or were they gathered together, sharing stories and memories of Jesus? I know after a funeral, and after everyone goes home, the family of the deceased must carry on with their lives. But for a short time after they pass, their family and friends come together to talk and laugh, and cry, over stories of their lives.

I don’t know of any specific church teaching on the time spent in the upper room, but I can offer my own meditation of that day. I believe that if I were one of Jesus’ best friends, I would be very sad to see Him die of course, but I would remember above all else that this is a joyful and hopeful man. If I met Jesus in person, I cannot imagine that He would be easily forgotten. And even in my life now, although I have not seen Him with my eyes, I have felt the presence of Christ, and WOW, is He peaceful.

I cannot believe that the joy of His presence alone could be easily forgotten by those who were closest to Him. I believe that, if even for a moment, as they were locked away in hiding from Rome and the Jews, had a few good laughs as they remembered the man that Jesus was. The friend He was. I would bet you real money that they had a couple really good stories about Him that they may have elected to not put into the Gospels….

Those are the stories of Jesus’ humanity that I cannot wait to hear. And it is this Tomb Day™ that I cherish, because this is the funeral day. This is the day I celebrate the man and person that Jesus was.

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