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The Youngest of 7?! What Was THAT Like?

The Youngest of 7?! What Was THAT Like?

By:  Mission Team March 26, 2021

Yes, I grew up the youngest of 7 kids; there are 5 girls and 2 boys. My whole life I have heard: “Ah the youngest, you must get away with everything”! And to be completely honest, it is mostly true. However, I didn’t get away with everything because I did get caught once in a while. And when I did, it always just happened to be the worst of things.

I may or may not have been caught once or twice behind the couch cutting my own hair, eating marshmallow fluff on the floor of the pantry with a spoon, and accidentally packing scissors and pieces of the fireplace wood poker into my backpack when we flew to Florida. That was fun for my mom to explain to the airport security. I was definitely a troublemaker, and I liked to test the limit.

 Now before you cast judgement on my childhood self, you need to realize, that I chose to do things like this for a very deliberate reason. Now, I know we’ve all heard that youngest kid sob-story about how no one ever pays attention or listens to them. 

Which from first hand experience, I can attest to, has some truth to it. I think my number one goal as a kid was to spend time with my siblings, and if I couldn’t do that, then I would at least get their attention.

Being the youngest, much went unnoticed. I could control when people lost and found things. I could control how late or early we were for things. I could wake up and immediately disappear in the house or outside where no one could find me. I spent most of the days avoiding my schoolwork and other people telling me what to do.

Since most of my siblings were out of the house most days, I was left to my own devices and imagination. I was dedicated to my favorite books and things around the house. My toys became very special to me; I created worlds around me that no one else knew, and that were all mine. I would model my characters after those in my life and in my family, so it was almost like they were there with me.

I got very creative with the things I would play with; I was basically a junior architect by the time I was ten with the amount of cardboard houses I had designed and made. I was practically an electrician by the time I was nine with all the tape and string pulley systems I had in place, so I could control the light switches from across the room.

I would run away to be alone so I could do the things I imagined in my head. I would go out to the woods, sometimes with no plan, sometimes with a very specific purpose. I would come out hours later absolutely coated in mud. This was a very common occurrence that was not a family favorite.

I gotta be honest, I liked it when my sisters would see me and get upset at my appearance. Sometimes we had events for their schools to go to, or for whatever reason we had places to be, so they would hose me down in the driveway and make me shower before we could leave. I loved having that power over them to ruin their plans or just bother them in general. I was proud of the messes I could make. I was good at making messes.

I do love my siblings, and I did try very hard to get their attention, it just so happened that the best way to get that attention from them was through “messing things up”. Honestly, I think the best way to put it is to say that I loved them enough to get in their way so they could see how much I wanted to be with them.


Yes, growing up the youngest was hard, especially when I had no one to play with or be around. But I know that God made me the youngest for a big reason, so that I would have the life I did and become who I am today. Now my relationship with my family is much different, and I have become a reliable babysitter and nanny for my nieces and nephews.

I have grown up a lot since I was in overalls and space buns, but I don’t love my siblings any less. Now I can express my love for them in new, and I think better ways. I can finally tell them I love them, and we spend quality time together, and most of the time we remember what I used to be like, and we praise God I grew up!




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About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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