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The Pairing of Susan and Marie

The Pairing of Susan and Marie

By:  Mission Team October 6, 2021
#AmazingNation, #God, #Strength , #Struggle, #Trust

Two young women live in a small community in Central New York. At various points in time, the community had to pair off to get a partner in crime. On most of these occasions, it was distributed by chance. On Susan’s first day in the community, Marie happened to sit next to her. The executive director of the organization – who had already met both girls – said, “You two are kindred spirits.”

Within the first few weeks of community living, the superiors assigned Accountability Partners. This was done by drawing one name followed by another to see who was paired up until everyone in the community had a match. Match made, Susan and Marie.

Later, the majority of the community caught a cold in the midst of the COVID Pandemic in waves – thus having to quarantine for an extended period of time as symptoms came and went. Sure enough, Susan and Marie were sick at the same time and stuck in the house for about a week as just the two of them yet again.

At one point, the women’s community had to swap spiritual art projects anonymously within the community. Yet again, Susan and Marie ended up swapping and found out a few weeks later.

Finally, there was a break in the pattern with Secret Santa. Although Marie drew to give Susan a gift, Susan did not draw Marie. It did come pretty close when she was only one degree away from that being the case. Although, she gave it to a random dude who gave it to Marie.

So, what’s the deal? Why would the Spirit make this match? Maybe they are kindred spirits. Maybe there’s a friendship to grow.

Marie called a meeting with Susan after knowing her for almost 8 months. Throughout the being paired, they had struggled with each other silently. Paired, again and again, they didn’t necessarily bear the other’s presence well. Perhaps, it is simply a testament to successful confrontation. After that confrontation, their relationship began to heal.

They were then unexpectedly paired to serve at a Friday fish fry at a local church. They both had a blast! Then they were paired to write a blog which you now read. Again, an absolute BLAST!

God can get quite creative when He wants to bring people together to help them. Maybe the reason we kept getting paired was so that we could learn how to move past our differences and truly be there for each other as sisters in Christ. Maybe by being paired together and getting to go through this journey together (which is not yet over), there will be healing that will take place. Maybe there is a bigger picture that we can’t see.

God can do this in all of our lives. We don’t always know why these things happen, but what we do know is that God will always bring good out of every situation. I believe that this is true for all “coincidences”. Even though we struggled with each other at times, there is good to come out of it.

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About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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