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The Greatest Father is Our Father

The Greatest Father is Our Father

By:  Mission Team June 16, 2022
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What do we mean when we say “Our Father”? What do we mean when we pray the “Our Father”?

To me, when I say “Our Father”, I’m saying, our Dad, my Dad. Just as we have our fathers here on earth, God is our Father, our Dad. He teaches us, provides for us, and Loves us unconditionally. He keeps us in existence and wants what is best for us. We can go to Him for anything that we need.


He wants to give us things because He is our Dad. He wants us to ask Him for things. He wants to spend time with us and talk and listen to us. He wants that type of relationship and intimacy that we have with our earthly fathers. He wants us to call Him, “Dad”, to run to Him when we are struggling and tell Him how our day went. And when we cry, He is there to catch our tears.


“Our Father”, is such a wonderful phrase. We call the One that made us Dad. We call on an infinite, never ending being as “Our Father”. How crazy is that? Yet, He Loves us as only a father can love and He Loves us more and with a perfect love, in a way that no earthly father can love us.


In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells His disciples to address God as “Father”. The Our Father prayer is such a beautiful prayer. It is made of the four different styles of prayer: Adoration, Petition, Contrition, and Thanksgiving.

The beginning of the Our Father, is Adoration: “Hallowed by Your name.” Petition: “Give us this day our daily bread”. Contrition: “Forgive us our sins as we ourselves forgive everyone in debt to us”. Thanksgiving: The Our Father should be prayed with a grateful heart because it shows us what God is doing and giving to us. He is giving us His Son as our daily Bread. He is forgiving us of our sins and not holding that against us, and is helping us through our temptations. So we should be thankful to Him for these blessings.



 The Our Father is the perfect prayer that Jesus Christ Himself gives us.

In conclusion, God, Our heavenly Father, will never leave us. You may have been hurt by your earthly father, or someone you looked up to like a father, but God will never hurt you. Even if what you asked for is not answered, that is because He is giving you something better. We ask for little things, but He wants to give us more. He wants to give us Heaven itself. He wants to live with us forever.



Go to Him, run into His arms and just let Him hold you. Ladies, let Him show you your dignity as women. Men, let Him show you what it means to be a man of God. I promise you that His way will always be the best way. Because He is a good father who takes care of His children. And we get the privilege, the honor, to call Him, Our Daddy.

P.S. All quotes taken from Luke 11: 2-4.

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