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The First Time I Knew That I Was Amazing

The First Time I Knew That I Was Amazing

By:  Mission Team October 20, 2021
#AmazingNation, #Courage, #God, #Live, #love, #Truth

It was May of 2019. I was a volunteer at a summer camp. We arrived in the middle of May to do a 4 week training/preparation time before people arrived. I was 19.

During our 2nd week of being there, we were told that we were going to do Praise and Worship that night after dinner. Cool! Praising Jesus and singing, sounds great. Before we started the Praise and Worship, the man leading our training told us that he would be available to pray with people if they wanted.

Now this man (we will call him Bob for obscurity), was letting the Holy Spirit work through him in a special way. For starters, Bob had been given the gift to speak in tongues. So, when he prayed with people, he would pray in tongues. 2 of the boys on my team and a staff member also had the gift as well.

As I watched these men pray with people, I saw my teammates being slain in the Spirit. They were falling down left and right. God was moving! It was incredible. I remember thinking that I wanted to be prayed with, I wanted to be slain in the Spirit too. But I hesitated going up to Bob to ask him to pray with me.

At one point, I thought that I had missed my chance and I got super upset to the point that I started to cry. I just wanted that experience so bad. But I didn’t really understand what it was.

I looked up from my seat, and Bob and I made eye contact. With that look, Bob asked me if I wanted to be prayed with. I nodded my head and left my seat. I stood in front of Bob and I closed my eyes and opened my hands, palms facing upwards. I heard Bob start to pray in tongues over me. 2 of the 3 boys came up behind me and began to pray with Bob.

Before making eye contact with Bob, I had begged the Holy Spirit to come to me and to give me this experience. I had begged the Holy Spirit from my heart, and He answered my prayer.

As they prayed, this “feeling” came over me, going through my entire body. I’m not sure I can explain it. I kinda started to sway and caught myself from falling a couple of times. I was afraid that I was falling because of myself and not the Holy Spirit and wanted it to be all Him. But as I caught myself yet again, I heard one of the guys say, “Don’t fight it.”

So the next time I felt myself start falling, I didn’t catch myself, but let myself go down. The boys eased me to the floor. My eyes were still closed as they prayed over me. Then, all but one of them left. The one that stayed (we will call: Tom) kept praying with me.

Tom told me to give it to God and surrender it. He told me that God loved me and that I had beauty because of God. He handed me his Rosary and I just held it tight. I started to cry.

During all of this, my body felt heavy. If I tried to move my arms or legs, they just had this heaviness about them. After Tom left, I started to laugh. I didn’t know why I was laughing, but I was so happy. Some say that Tom had been given the gift of laughter. I don’t know...

I went through feelings of happiness and then regret for my sins.

After I sat up, I had this realization that I was amazing, not because of me, but because of God! Before this encounter, I had struggled to believe and to understand why I was amazing and why I was loved by God. It didn’t make sense to me. After this experience, I just knew. There was no new things that made me amazing, but I just knew. It was the first time that I knew that I was beautiful. Not because of me, but because of God.

One of my teammates came over to me and told me that I was God’s Precious Daughter!

That night, I started to believe that God Loves me because I am His! That I am Precious in His sight! That I am beautiful and amazing! I finished that night, Praising God in such bliss.

When the women’s community went back to our hallway, I was in such immense peace and I just couldn’t stop smiling. My community could see the happiness on my face.

Now, it is 2 years later, I am sitting at my computer, typing out this experience, and just smiling as I remember that time that was my first encounter with the Holy Spirit and the first time I knew in my heart that I was amazing, beautiful, and Loved by God, not because of anything I did, but because of Him.

All be honest and say that no, I don’t always feel like this and I forget that I am amazing, beautiful, and loved by God. But I also know that I can go back to that encounter I had when I was 19 and know that that is TRUTH! That it doesn’t matter how I feel. The truth is that I am amazing because of God, beautiful in God, and Loved by God, and He showed me this in a way that I will always remember and carry in my heart.
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About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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