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The Announcement that Changed the World

The Announcement that Changed the World

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer March 25, 2021

The day I found out that my older sister was pregnant, my life changed forever. It was just after my 13th birthday, my sister had turned 19 not long before, and she told us the news very casually. It wasn't the most ideal situation. There were a lot of emotions, confusion, and even frustration from some family members, yet that announcement changed my world. It changed my entire family's world.

Growing up the youngest in my family, I never had a little sibling that I could take care of. The closest things I had were my neighbors, but I didn't live with them or change their diapers. When this little boy was born, I learned how to live with and take care of a baby for the first time. I'll forever cherish those years he lived in my house while I was going through high school. Because of him, I learned that one life is powerful.

For many years, I watched my parents grow closer together because of this child. I watched many members in my family, who can sometimes be selfish, put someone else before themselves. Even though I was going through high school challenges of heartbreak, anxiety, and stress, I knew I could come home to a bundle of joy each night. He was our comfort in the midst of chaos.

My nephew turns 11 in one month. I can confidently say that he is one of the most gifted kids I have ever met. I'm a little bit biased, but I've watched this boy face more adversity in 11 years than some people face in their lifetime. If you were to look at his life, you'd see that he's from a small town that people ridicule,  you'd see his parents not together, and you'd guess that he will probably just stay in the same cycle as the generations before him. My nephew is an underdog, but underdogs have the best stories.

The announcement of my sister being pregnant with my nephew changed my world. It taught me the power of life, it gave me comfort in chaos, and it set me up to witness an amazing underdog story.

The Annunciation of Mary being pregnant with Jesus did the same thing, but not just for me, for the whole world.

Do you remember the moment you let it sink into the depths of your heart that Jesus came to this world through a young girl whose situation wasn't ideal, yet the world changed because of it? Has it ever hit you that there were real-life emotions, confusion, frustration, and chaos that had occurred at the time Mary conceived in her womb? When was the last time you pondered the power of this underdog moment?

Mary's "yes" changed the world: it brought us a Savior and brought us Heaven. Her "yes" showed us the power of how just one life can change the world. Two thousand years ago, it brought comfort in the midst of chaos, and two thousand years later, it still brings that comfort in the midst of chaos. Most people looked down upon Mary for conceiving out of wedlock, and most people looked down upon those from Bethlehem and Nazareth; so I'd call Mary and Jesus underdogs.

The Feast of the Annunciation is the perfect time to reflect on how one simple announcement, one simple "yes", one simple life has the power to change the world.


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