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Spiritual Warfare!

Spiritual Warfare!

By:  Mission Team November 10, 2021
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Envision fists flying, car chases, swords clashing, bullets whizzing, giant lasers and energy beams flashing, and pretty much anything else that can fit into an action sequence...These are the things that get my blood pumping for some odd reason, releasing an enormous amount of dopamine from my brain that it practically leaves me stupefied in front of whatever movie I am watching or book I am reading. I just cannot seem to get enough of these gut-punchers and close nail-biters, and so much so that as a writer and a storyteller, it would be nearly impossible for me to make a story without even the smallest bit of action.

I have been so absorbed by action in fact, that I often find myself daydreaming about making the fights in whatever story I am coming up with at the time to be cooler than cool. Now this mindset of daydreaming “action” 24/7 made me think that I was letting myself get distracted when I really should be focusing on more important things in life, regardless of how much I enjoy thinking about this cooler stuff in my head. But I have found a way to use my daydreams and distractions that can actually enrich my spiritual life, rather than make me think that they are a burden. And how do I do this? By comparing spiritual warfare to action scenes!

A little while ago, I ended watching a fight from a series I have been keeping up with recently. Let me tell you that I was blown away from what I saw, even though it was a rather simple, yet long fight. It was the classic bright-eyed and optimistic underdog fighting for good up against an overwhelming powerful and intimidating foe, trying to vanquish the hero.

What amazed me the most was how throughout the entire clash, both characters gave literally everything they had to the slugfest, and how it was the hero, whose spirit and drive to win was greater, but he barely emerged as the victor in the end. Now, this fight really made me think. Even though there was not really that much to the action, it conveyed the reality of good verses evil. It was an analogy of the fighting that is constantly going on around us in our spiritual lives.

Let me set the stage for you; two forces stand on either side of you, one trying to corrupt you and bring about your damnation, while the other valiantly fights to give you sanctification and grant you eternal happiness and joy. As these two fight over you, they both try to get you to fight for their respective sides, but they let you make that choice. This is what spiritual warfare is in a nutshell. The forces of Heaven and Hell are both vying for your soul.

Now we all know the side that we should be fighting for, Christ! The side for God is the side that will bring us happiness and fulfillment, even if it appears to be difficult. When we choose the side for Christ, as Catholics, it becomes our duty through the Sacrament of Confirmation to make that choice to side with God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we receive. This gives us the grace to also fight for others to make the same choice, so that we may all find paradise in Heaven someday.

In a certain way, we are all meant to become part of Christ’s army, and to fight for the souls of those who have fallen away in their faith or have little to no knowledge of it. And we must be ready to defend ourselves against the enemy of the devil and his forces trying to prey on us and others, through praying to Christ for help, along with the intercession of the Blessed Mother and all the saints.

When we engage in these spiritual battles, it may seem to our naked eyes that nothing is really happening, but, both sides are going absolutely ham against one another in combat in a way so extreme and outrageous that even the craziest fight scenes in any piece of media could never even come close to topping them. And it is insane to think that the greatest and most grandiose conflicts to ever exist happen over us, seemingly insignificant specks in a vast universe.

Thinking and comparing spiritual warfare to the action scenes in fiction, like the ones that constantly distract me, can actually help me understand my faith. This is by seeing how much I am fought over and loved by God so that I may obtain Heaven and avoid Hell. Viewing something in the context of spiritual warfare has made me see that God has allowed me to be distracted like this, so that I can one day see my spiritual life in a new light. Perhaps spiritual warfare was something that I needed a greater formation in, and it was God who planted the seed for me to understand it better! And perhaps, all the distractions that God allows us to have may be meant to help us one day grow in our relationship with Him.


About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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