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Shifting My Life from the Cross to the Resurrection

Shifting My Life from the Cross to the Resurrection

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer April 5, 2021

In a recent conversation with one of my childhood best friends, she shared with me that she struggles with how the majority of her Catholic friends are always focused on their personal challenges, their suffering, and the cross. She was implying that many people in her life were more focused on Good Friday than Easter Sunday. I used to be that person, but then I realized what it means to live in the Resurrection.

Don't get me wrong, I love Good Friday and I love Lent! There is something so remarkable about uniting my cross with Jesus’ cross. Everything I am is because of the cross, but sometimes we get stuck on the cross and forget about the resurrection. We need both the cross AND the resurrection; however, if you're the type that gets stuck on the cross, then I encourage you to reallllllllllly focus on the resurrection moving forward (at least for the next few months).

For the majority of my life I didn't let the resurrection affect me; instead, all I did was focus on the cross, the suffering, and the pain. It brought my spirit down time and time again. However, when I started working on my personal healing from my different wounds, I had to ask myself this question: Do I really believe in the resurrection?

If I believe in the resurrection, then I believe in healing over my life. If I believe in the resurrection, then I believe in redemption and mercy and freedom. After being chained up for years with an eating disorder, anger towards my family, and false identities, I needed the resurrection in a real way. When I finally answered that question with "yes," my life changed completely. 

Living Freedom Daily

Sometimes when we're in the midst of deep suffering in our lives, we let ourselves get chained up by that challenge or situation. The chains can become so unbearable, yet there remains a deep longing for something more, something real, something infinite. That longing leads to a detachment of those chains and an attachment to the infinite: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Having this attachment in your life rids of those chains once and for all, and it gives you a renewed life - a life of freedom.

Always Choosing Hope

For years I didn't have hope - it was like a dark cloud was over me while I was drowning, and no one was there to help me. One by one, people started showing up in my life. Slowly, I began to see little glimpses of light. Overtime, hope became a reality in my life. Now, I choose it every day. I've seen the faithfulness of Christ, I've lived His resurrection, I've witnessed His powerful healing, so now there is no other option but to be hopeful.

Having a Heart Convicted on the Resurrection

There are days when I look at my catholic friends and ask them, "Are you convicted about the resurrection?" Nonchalantly, they respond by saying "yes." Then I asked them again with more passion and conviction in my voice. Usually it throws them off, which is often my goal because if they get thrown off, then maybe they'll ponder that question for longer than a millisecond. And if they ponder the resurrection in their heart, hopefully their heart will become more convicted about the resurrection. And we definitely need more people with convicted hearts on the resurrection!

The truth is we can get stuck in the mundane, and the mundane usually means focusing on the crosses in our lives. Let's cut that out and focus on the resurrection in our lives instead. The resurrection brings a life of freedom, hope, and conviction. I promise you, this life, it's worth living in the resurrection. As St. John Paul II says, "We are an Easter people and Hallelujah is our song." So let's sing it, let's live it, and let's rejoice in it every day!


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