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Secular to Sacred Over a Pint

Secular to Sacred Over a Pint

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer October 13, 2021
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The Church is dead, but it survives in little pockets everywhere. This describes the remnant of the Catholic Church. These small groups keep the fire of faith lit and present an encounter of Christ and His Church to others with the purpose of bringing them back to the Eucharist. This is where the secular meets the sacred. The remnant goes out into the world to show it what true refreshment of the faith looks like and draws it back into the sacred. One way we know this happens is through small gatherings in temporary refuge where the remnant interacts with the world in an environment for authentic friendship and faith. Authentic friendship is born in common interest. Events create an environment to share common interest from which springs a natural flow of trust, where true friendship can take root.

The Catholic young adults’ group which I helped form and belong to have benefited and flourished by this approach. The events there have a spiritual element with a basis in the common interests of members. Examples of these types of events are Rosary and bowling night, mountain hikes, holy hour and hangout at the pub, etc. The grace one receives from the rosary or Holy Hour refreshes the soul and enlivens that camaraderie afterward at the events - such as our time together at the pub - so that our discussions are more joyful and naturally uplifting. It places us in a position to be predisposed to “listen” and not just hear, but share more intimately. This forms the nucleus, a core, where others can join and not change the group but are changed by the group. And we call this being changed by the group as “invitational ministry”.

So, the result is, conversations get started on common ground - out of curiosity or a natural desire to know someone and who they are, not what they are, or what they can do for us. This is the key to authentic friendships. These authentic friendships attract others to desire the same thing, the same goal, a desire for commonality, and it is in its own way, a safe place in the world, a refuge. We are meant to draw others in together on the horizontal to continue in the search for God, which is a vertical ascent. In seeking God, we overcome one of our common weaknesses, shame.

Shame prevents authentic friendships from developing. If you can meet someone where they’re at and listen to them, and you can then love them and desire the best for them, to be who they were born to be and discover the mission God has for their life. Through this relational and invitational ministry, you act as a catalyst for others to be open to God’s grace in their lives. And it all starts with a pint of beer and a conversation at a quiet pub down the street. See you soon!

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