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Running a Mile

Running a Mile

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer January 27, 2022
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Think about running a mile right this second. No matter where you are, what the weather is like, the time of day, what you’re wearing, you’re about to run that mile. Take a moment and think about the effort of running that mile, how tiring it may be for you, how your body is going to feel after, and everything in between. Now forget about running that mile and think about the distance you are from God right now. What does your relationship look like? Is your faith at the highest of highs, the lowest of lows? Even better, are you too comfortable in your relationship with God right now? From time to time, I would fade from my faith too easily. One hour or day of pain would set me back a whole lifetime of memories and make me question why I continue to fight for my relationship with God. Why do I continue to volunteer in my parish? Why do I continue to go back to church every Sunday? Why do I continue to do anything associated with my faith when my heart is at battle with God (which felt like all the time)? All these questions that popped up in my mind only led to really bad headaches.

I always compared the effort of growing closer to God to running a mile. Am I willing to put in the effort to get where I want to go? What if my relationship with God was farther than a mile? That’s more time and effort combined that I never considered. Here is where a choice can be made: Am I going to run that mile no matter what I’m doing right this second, or am I going to use the obstacles in my life as excuses and continue to increase that distance with God? Growing up, I continued to increase that distance. Why?! Because IT WAS EASIER. It was easier to not put in the effort and not have to do anything. I could use the excuse of being a kid/early teen and not knowing better, but I continued the same pattern. Multiple times over the past few years, I was ready to give up on my faith and start living a life without it. The thought terrified me because I didn’t know who I would be without my faith, it’s always been a part of my identity.

Now go back and think about running that mile (or more) just in general. You could complete the mile, get hurt, get tired, and maybe even fail at the task. What if I told you that that mile would lead you right back to God even knowing you could still have those same outcomes? You could still get hurt, get tired, or fail trying. Are you willing to put in that same effort and trust? Or are you more willing to give up because it’s too hard or not worth it in your eyes?

Every time I’ve had these moments of doubt, anger, confusion, and pain all mixed together, I’ve always gone back to God and his house. Why?! HIS HOUSE IS WHERE I BELONG. Certain times, I have found it easy to go back-just as easy as it was to fall. Other times, yes, it was very hard to go back. Not that many people knew or noticed when my heart was at battle with God, but I knew what my feelings were. Embarrassment set in, but so did truth and love. No matter how many times you fall or have to run that mile, he’ll always be right there.

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