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Anger Tip: Punch a Bag Not a Person

Anger Tip: Punch a Bag Not a Person

By:  Mission Team May 1, 2021
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Of all the bad things to deal with in life, it's anger for me. I happen to be someone who has low patience and a bad habit of not trusting people to do anything. The other problem for me is that I also happen to be someone who gets rid of my anger through something physical, like punching someone. To let my anger out through punching someone or yelling at them is the way I would solve my problems. 

No one truly sees me angry, like I am really good at holding it in, but that makes things much worse. Holding in my anger most of the time turns in on myself, which causes me lots of self hatred. Anger is one of the most classic struggles that people go through, especially guys. Here, I am going to let you know some healthy ways of dealing with your anger so it doesn't get let out on someone or yourself.


Beat that bag!

The punching bag has to be one of the best ways to get rid of your anger. If you think about it logically, when you are depressed you are much slower in reaction time, and in a sense, much weaker due to your depression depriving you of motivation. When you are happy, things are lighter, your workload is not so bad, you have good reaction time, and you are super motivated. But when you are angry, you have the fastest reaction time, with very clouded judgment, and don’t have much motivation for good work. By far the best to have for all times is to be happy, because that is when you think clearly and can get the job done right.


So why am I bringing this up? Well I discovered that when you are angry, you can work out harder because when you are angry you have a surplus amount of energy. Think about the Hulk from Marvel Comics. He is invincible when he is angry, but is ruthless and horrible to be around. So this is why I say the punching bag is so great. Punching the bag gives you the physical pleasure you desire when you are angry. 

You can use that built up energy from your anger and get it out on the bag. For most people, guys especially, if we are angry and hold it in, it causes a serious lash out. This is never helpful for anyone, and usually creates enmity between people, which in turn creates more anger. Letting your anger out through a workout instead of at people is both good for you and for the people around you.


Yelling to relieve internal rage.

At Hard as Nails, on some Sundays we share with each other the joys that we have from different people. One Sunday someone shared the joy: “Whenever you yell to let out internal rage, it brings me joy”. I am someone who holds all of my anger in when I am with people outside of my family. When I am home, I kinda let loose a bit more than I should. 

Outside of my family, however I hold all of that anger in, which is never good for me. What I started doing that helped me was I would go outside, and yell.


I mean the neighbors definitely hate me for this, but it really does help me with my anger. I literally scream at the top of my lungs. (So if you ever hear a lion-ish roar randomly in the day, that would be me.)


But this is another healthy way of getting rid of your anger. Instead of yelling at a person, just freaking scream at the world. I’m dead serious when I say anger is like 80% built up energy. Working out and/or yelling at the world uses quite a bit of energy and when you use up that energy, it gives you the capability to cool off much more quickly.

That's my two cents on anger management.

Well friends, that is all I have to say on anger problem solving. Now, I know that this isn’t what will help everybody, but it is definitely worth a shot if you are struggling lots with anger. The working out bit is quite possibly your best bet. I struggle with anger, and I found that using your anger as a means for working out harder is the way to go. You are not only going to be calmer when you are finished and be able to be truly happy, but you will be totally shredded, which in my opinion is worth it. God does not want us to be angry, the sun must not set on our anger, we must never give room for the devil (Ephesians 4:26).

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