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Priests Be Lit

Priests Be Lit

By:  Mission Team June 11, 2021
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Picture this, you're the 4th child of a family of 10: 9 boys and 1 girl. Your oldest brother is married, and your next two brothers are in school getting closer to moving on. Now you are in your senior year of high school and you don't have a clue as to what you want to do with your life.

Well, I was in that very predicament. I was begging God to tell me what I should do. My prayer was legit the same thing every day, "Lord what do you want of me? Do you want me to be a Priest? Or do you want me to get married?" Every day I said this prayer, and finally decided it was time to take the plunge and try out possible scenarios of what my vocation could be. The way I went out to see if I was called to priesthood was by visiting a religious community of priests and brothers. The community is called the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius, and they are located in the city of Chicago.

 My First Thoughts upon Arrival

So the first time I went to go visit the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius in Chicago, my Mom actually was the one that set it up, without me knowing till a day or two before I left.

It was the day after my 18th birthday, and boom I was dropping my suitcase off in the room that I was going to be staying in for my visit. I was with two of my older brothers and it was quite the adventure, because I always thought that priests and brothers would just pray and be super chill, but nope, it wasn’t!


Literally, all I could think about when I would hang out with them was that they were legit little kids in big people bodies. I remember playing this game they call cannonball, which is very similar to that of ultimate frisbee except you use a ball instead.

Oh and I almost forgot the other big difference, tackling is expected. My response after being thrown to the ground for the hundredth time was: “I thought you people were supposed to be super holy and caring for people!?” I feel like so many people have such a skewed way of thinking about the priesthood and religious life.

People almost always think of it that if you can’t get a girlfriend, you are doomed to be a priest. That is quite possibly the stupidest thing that anyone can say if I am being perfectly honest here. Quite a few of these seminarians had girlfriends in the past or were previously known as players, but they gave up that way of life to be a priest or a brother for life. To live and die for the church is by far the most commendable thing one can do, and people look at it like the easy way out.

Well you will never guess, but the hardest way of life is to be a priest, and it would be a million times easier to be married, because you have someone by your side to help you through everything. As a priest you may have community, but your responsibilities are much more intense, and quite frequently you are working on your own.

A True Man

A man is someone who is willing to sacrifice himself for his wife and children, and in the case of the priest, for the Church and his flock (the people in his care). A man is a person of virtue, especially of temperance, fortitude, justice, and of prayer. Here so far in this list that I have made, shows just a few of the many important qualities a man should have if he wishes to consider himself masculine and not feminine.

A priest must take on all of these qualities, for a priest is expected to die for his faith, to die for Christ, and to ever have the praise of God on his lips. This is a very different life, and I must say, it is not the easy way out. As a man you need to be meek, you need to be prudent, and above all, you need to have humility perfected in your life. In the end, a truly good and masculine man should have all of the virtues under his belt. As you can see, priests are pretty legit people. They seem like they would be the type to be only praying, but instead they are the type to put God first!

I visited the priests and brothers of the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius and I can fully attest to the fact that our view of the priesthood is very narrow indeed. I lived as one of them and I felt like I was back at home with my siblings, just goofing around and having fun. The only difference I found living with them was that I prayed a surplus amount more and I learned more about who God was and how He lived in me.

I hope that for all of you that are discerning the priesthood or religious life, have another perspective of what priests are actually like. They are just normal people with a higher calling by God to die to themselves so as to bring the greater glory of God. They are lit is all I can say.

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