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Nostalgia's Influence on Our Lives

Nostalgia's Influence on Our Lives

By:  Mission Team April 11, 2021

Just the other day, one of the missionaries here at Hard As Nails bought a massive LEGO pirate ship for the whole community to build, and seeing this threw my mind back to the LEGO-filled childhood and much nostalgia I had for the little plastic bricks. Since that moment, I have realized how often I have these phases of looking back at what I am nostalgic for and how this is a really common thing for people.

Think about it, Disney is literally banking on nostalgia to get people to buy their products by remaking their classic animated films into modern, live-action films. And regardless of quality, people are more than willing to pay to watch these movies and to try to relive that same childlike wonder they remember from viewing them years and years ago.

With nostalgia being so popular right now, it made me think about why so many people are looking back to what brought them joy early on in life. And I have made the conclusion that nostalgia is integral to a person’s formation of character, and is highly respected by each person for making them who they are today.

In my own life, there are many TV shows, movies, toys, and little odds and ends that are partially responsible for making me who I am today. As for TV shows and movies, I picked up some nice manners and habits from watching some educational shows on PBS Kids and Nick Junior. However, being the action junkie I am, my love for fists and fighting can probably be attributed to all the Star Wars and Powers Rangers I watched as a kid, but sometimes I do regret being obsessed with the cheese that is Power Rangers (sorry hardcore fans, just my honest opinion).

As for toys, I was very much into LEGO’s, as I stated above, but for my brother and I, we had a special place in heart in the dearly departed theme, Bionicle. (No, this is not an advertisement, but if anyone from LEGO is reading this, please bring it back. Thanks.) Ah, just saying that name gives me chills. For those who have never encountered Bionicle before, it was LEGO theme made up of buildable action figures, which meant a bigger focus on individual characters and a crazy deep and expansive story that totally sucked me in.

Looking back, I can probably trace the dots to how my love for Bionicle guided me ever so slightly into realizing some of my biggest gifts in life, that being writing and art. While not entirely responsible for getting me into drawing, the varied and colorful cast of Bionicle made me love creating characters and giving them unique designs. Likewise, the oddly deep, dark, and complex story that stretched for nearly a decade, made me fall in love with the idea of crafting my own narratives that I could put out for people to see one day.

So, if something so simple as LEGOs being responsible for my interests so many years down the road, it makes so much sense to understand that most are the way they are now when due to what they took interest in as children. I am going to sound really generalized here, but someone who really enjoyed video games as a kid could be big into computers, technology, or even video games still. Or on another note, someone who used to usually help their mom or dad cook, may want to go into culinary school later on in life.

What we absorbed ourselves into as children is what helped form us into who we are today, and I know that I am proof of that in how my past interests have crafted my current interests. Now, nostalgia is not just responsible for our hobbies, but it can also form our behaviors and our beliefs. I can attest that having an upbringing in the faith, and one that often I was not the most dedicated to, still opened me up now to giving the faith another chance, which ultimately increased my relationship with God phenomenally.

Nostalgia is so much more than remembering the “good old days”, but is actually quite responsible for how we are formed, for both good and bad. In the end, nostalgia shapes our lives and reveals our gifts in the way that God has graciously given us. I am proud of what God has done for me with my nostalgia, and I encourage you to see the good God has done for you in yours as well!


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About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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