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Named by a King

Named by a King

By:  Mission Team October 11, 2021
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So, something that has been brought up a bunch to me recently is the idea of spiritual names.
Some of you may be confused as to what that is and don't worry, you are not alone; I did not know what they were for the longest time. I honestly thought it was such a weird concept, but something is so beautiful and special. So I knew I had to discover what mine was.

A spiritual name is a name you come up with in prayer. It's a name that you discuss with the Lord and He places on your heart, which is not the easiest thing to come up with, but it's the name that He gives you as His child. As of right now, I have four different spiritual names, and some have deeper meaning to me than others. Two of them I came up with on my own, but two were given to me through other people. So let me explain…

The first spiritual name I received was “The Hopeful Fighter”.

I received this name through lots of prayer and little God moments during quarantine, when the pandemic shut the world down. I was locked in my house with not much to do, so I realized that it was a perfect time to start discerning my spiritual name. I did not know where to start, so I asked an alumni missionary for some help, so we prayed together. The months before this moment I had faced lots of challenges and some difficult moments, that required much perseverance. So I prayed about those moments, allowing Christ to walk with me through exploring what He was revealing to me, and it was a fight. So I knew that this was my first word. Then I prayed some more and kept getting stuck, so then I turned to some worship music, really reflecting on the lyrics being spoken, and Hope was really sticking out to me. So that is when I knew in that moment, that was the name the Lord was placing on my heart...The Hopeful Fighter.

The second spiritual name I received was “The Delightful One”.

This was not expected at all but has a very cool story attached to it. One night, we had a prayer experience, which allowed an opportunity for the women's community to pray over each other one at a time. To be honest, up until this moment, I really struggled with praying over people. I was super insecure about it and never really knew what to say or thought what I would say was pointless, so I would just say nothing at all. That night, I knew this had to change. I had to step up to the plate for my community, which meant one thing, I prayed over people and I prayed with all of my heart. To be honest, I had no idea what I was saying, the Holy Spirit was moving, and it definitely showed. As I finished praying over the last girl, I realized that everyone was looking at me with such awe and I was so confused. My director began to question if I realized what I just did and I had no clue because I didn't even know what I was saying. It turns out that I was able to give all seven girls spiritual names, and they fit so well...CRAZY. So my director realized that I was not going to have a name by the end of the night. So as she prayed for mine, she got an image of me as a little girl in a field, laughing and dancing without a care in the world. The Lord was looking down on me and smiling; He then began to reach down towards me, approaching me, calling me His... Delightful One.

The third spiritual name I received was “His Merciful Companion”.

This one I had come up with completely on my own. It was at our yearly holy week retreat, and before we had left to go on retreat, we were challenged to each find our spiritual names or to come up with a new one. I had prayed, reflected, and collaborated with the Lord during this retreat about my possible new name. The word mercy was playing a big theme in my prayer time with the challenges I had been facing through the course of this year. So I played around with this word and my relationship with the Lord. I think of the Lord as my best friend because I know He will never leave me, despite what I might do to hurt Him, He is always waiting for me with open arms. That is when the word “companion” came to my heart because He is a true companion to me as I am to Him. So my name was established… His Merciful Companion.

The fourth spiritual name I have received is “The Hopeful Beacon.”

This was kind of a random one that was brought about in an email chain. I had shared some touching moments from my last tour as a missionary that truly consoled my heart and confirmed my gift from the Holy Spirit, which is the gift of inner healing. I had prayed over a girl who lost her dad when she was 10 years old and still struggled with the loss to this day. After that brief moment of prayer, she finally felt peace. Through my challenges, I never lost sight of hope and persevered through them. Therefore, this person recognized my fight for myself and the comfort I give to others thus giving me the name...The Hopeful Beacon.

My spiritual names are such a blessing to me, because it allows me to recognize who I am truly rooted from, which is Christ. Today I pray you open that door, allowing the Lord to personally name His child. Accept the name He is giving with true grace and humility, but don’t get discouraged if it does not happen immediately. It takes patience. Allow yourself to have that patience and He will grant you the desires of your heart.

About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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