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The Midwest is Moving with the Holy Spirit

The Midwest is Moving with the Holy Spirit

By:  Amazing Nation November 12, 2020
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Corona can’t stop the Missionary Spirit! All around the U.S. today, it is easy for anyone to see the destruction and social unrest in our current society. From these ashes Hard as Nails ministry has risen! After not being able to host events since March, Justin Fatica and our missionary team came out swinging. We just returned from the first tour and mission of the year. With plenty of restrictions due to COVID, anxieties about health, and other countless obstacles, Hard as Nails was and is present for the people of America. With an abundance of souls suffering from depression, and anxiety rates skyrocketing; people need Jesus more than ever.

This is where Hard as Nails steps in. We give an invitation, an invitation that shows suffering souls that their pain isn't meaningless. On this tour our team encountered thousands of youth that had developed problems over the national quarantine. These problems ranged from eating disorders and self harm all the way to drugs and divorce in the family. Through it all we are here to give a simple invitation, an invitation to a new life: a life of healing, that brings joy, purpose, love and most of all fulfillment.

The tour first stopped for two events at Tuscarawas Central Catholic in New Philadelphia, Ohio. A challenge encountered was that the school had very high COVID restrictions, which actually prevented the students from being able to check out physical books from their library. All books! Sadly this included bibles. However all was not lost. One missionary wrote: “After one of the morning assemblies at TCC, I went to the Bible table and as I got there a teacher came up to me. She asked if she could have 4 Bibles for the students who weren't in school that day, but were watching on Zoom. I told her she could have as many as she liked. She looked so hopeful and got super excited. She said she wanted a box for her classroom. She shared about how her class couldn't use the school Bibles anymore because of Covid they weren't able to share books at all. She told how disappointed she was that she had nothing to offer them for her Religion Class. So I brought the box to her classroom and she was so joyful! It brought me so much hope!” This is just one of many ways that Hard as Nails was able to impact the Tuscarawas Central Catholic community!

It was a bitter cold day when the You're Amazing Bus stopped at its second destination, which was Quincy, IL, at Quincy Notre Dame High School. It was here where we got the opportunity to spread joy in a community that was dealing with the tragic loss of a teen. One missionary wrote: “I wanted to find some girls to talk to before the junior girls' retreat started. As I walked down the socially-distant aisle of chairs, I noticed this one girl sitting quietly in her chair. She caught my eye, and so I went up to her and decided to say hi. I could tell she was shy, but I knew that I needed to talk to her. As the conversation went on, she became more open. During the event, I checked up on her several times to see how she was doing because I could tell she was impacted and getting emotional. At the end of the event when I saw her, she was the one who joyfully approached me first and gave me a hug. It was so beautiful to see how much she wanted to encourage others after having been encouraged.” 
That is the heart of the mission right there! Helping build communities that can encourage each other and come closer to Christ together.

Our third and final stop was right in the middle of the country, in other words Kansas City, KS, at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. This school was the largest event of the tour, with 3 separate events at the school and one of which went all day! Even though we had only been at it for a week, and the missionaries were a little nervous entering into the largest school on the tour, the Holy Spirit moved through them and really reached the hearts of the suffering kids. One missionary wrote: “I noticed a kid tearing up about half way through Justin’s talk and I sat next to him. However, he was kinda reserved. I prayed ‘Holy spirit let him know whatever suffering he’s going through he’s not alone’ and not even a minute later Justin called me up to share my story. I talked about my friend who was basically a brother to me that died in a car accident and how I felt like it was my fault and how I was super guilty. I went back and sat down next to the same kid and he opened up with me about how his brother died and he blamed himself, he cried and I prayed with him. I have faith that I planted a good seed of healing for him. I believe God heard my prayer and that he used my 3 minutes to console him.

Thankfully the Holy Spirit doesn’t have to social distance, because He was truly working through our mission and it showed at every event. We pray often that the Lord allows people's hearts to be open to us. We strive to kickstart people on a process of healing that can change their life and lead them to live for Jesus. For example, one of our missionaries wrote: “Every once in a while I decide to walk out from the back to interact with the students during events. It happened to be that I walked out during the assembly while the students wrote their challenge sheets. I made my way into a crowd of 440 students and one girl caught my eye before I got too far. She was standing there with her two friends, curiously looking around for someone or something. I could tell she was a bit emotional from the way that her hands were shaking. I approached her and asked her how she was. She told me that she was super anxious at the moment, so I pulled her aside to pray with her. Before I began to pray, I asked her why she was so anxious as she wrote her challenge sheet. She said that she wrote something on there that she had told very few people. She had been molested when she was only five years old. My heart broke for her at that moment. The only thing I could do was wrap her in a hug and care for her. As she cried in my arms, I started to tear up myself because no one should go through what she has. I poured out my whole heart to God as I prayed for her and her healing. Stories like hers are what makes me more sensitive to sin and suffering.” These are just a few examples of how powerful the presence or our ministry is, by simply sitting and listening to a lonely soul we can plant a seed that makes an astronomical difference in a young teens life. It is encounters like these that allow Hard as Nails to win souls for Christ.

Our Midwest Tour is only the first! Our team is already preparing for another tour and our hopes are high. There are countless souls suffering out there and our ministry wants to reach them all. Pray for us so that we may awaken the world to the power of God's love. Let's make a world where no one suffers alone!

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