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Life on the Road

Life on the Road

By:  Mission Team July 7, 2021


Being “on the road again” is honestly a common reference that floats around the community of missionaries. This is because as missionaries, we are constantly on the road going on trips, tours, or missions, putting on different events at various places around the country.


The road life is not all that it is made out to be, it seems all fun and games, but in reality, it is a ton of hard work and dedication. It can drain almost everything out of you, the schedule, the conversations, and the traveling. In my time as a missionary, I have been to many different places such as nineteen states, and that’s not even including the ones I have driven through. With that being said, road life is a fun and exhausting life, but it is also so rewarding.


While traveling on the road, you get to learn and experience so much. One of the biggest blessings was getting to stay with host families. One reason is that you could sleep in a bed or a couch and not on a cold bus floor, or you get a nice homemade meal after days of walking through a drive-threw or eating whatever is on the bus, which is most likely protein bars or random combinations on bread called a sandwich. By far the best thing about host families is that you are in a home with a family.

As missionaries, we are away from our families for months at a time; we miss holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter, but we do get to be home for Christmas. This can take a toll to be away from the people you love for such a long period of time. You may miss out on certain family traditions, but through host families, you develop a home away from home. These families welcome in a group of strangers with open arms and treat you as if you were their own. I know that I have a place to stay in several states across this country.


These families share their stories with you, some of them an average happy family, but some that is not the case: they have gone through great trials. Now you get to be that comfort and support to them. So yes, they are offering you such a blessing in their home, but you in return are offering them such a blessing… healing.

Healing is not easy. It is a hard, long, and dedicated process, but it always has to begin somewhere and that can be through people. For me, I received so much healing when I stayed with a family while on the road. I was preparing to go to a very important doctor's appointment, that would reveal the damage I have done to my body with my eating patterns. So at this time, I was not in a very good place physically, but mentally as well. I was honestly so confused why I was put on this tour with the shape I was in, but I went.



It turns out the family I was staying with I had met at a dinner the year before and shared my story with them. Their daughter and I had kept in touch the best we could and they shared how that has helped her in more ways than one. She is more outgoing with people and they see her fighting through her daily challenges, which is such a beautiful thing. They asked how I was doing with everything, and normally in these situations you keep it casual, but I was open. The dad cared for me those few days in more ways than one. The most touching and healing moment was when he bought a whole new coffee pot because he broke the other one while cleaning it, and the family doesn’t even drink coffee. It’s the littlest things that will touch your heart.

So yes, the road life is a very interesting life filled with many different emotions, but it is an experience you will never forget. I hold those moments on the road close to my heart because that is where most of my healing came into effect. It is such a beautiful life we get to live that I do not take for granted and try to live everyday as if it were my last.


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About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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