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Letting My Spiders Grow

Letting My Spiders Grow

By:  Morgan Durfee January 2, 2021
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We all have them. Hidden or not so hidden, we all have spiders around. I don’t really want to think about how many there are nearby, so let’s just agree there are a lot more than we usually think about. Over the last few years, I have noticed them more and more. Whether it’s the farm that causes more spiders to be around or just home owning making me realize how many there are, I am not sure to be completely honest. Either way, I can tell you my house has loads of them, and that I am very much afraid of them. I know they are small and really don’t want to eat me, but I cringe even thinking about them creeping and crawling around. It’s especially frightening when they are on my ceilings and walls, or even worse, descending upon me. I fear this so much that I will literally scan a room before entering for any possible spider encounters. I mean, that big brown hairy one who was right at the front door and on my shoes?! One does not easily forget that…


Vacuums, Volumes, and Victory

I used to be able to keep the population in the house to a minimum. Or at least the ones I could visibly see. But then I had a baby, and I wasn’t able to vacuum as much, which made me realized just how many there were. Now there are frequent spidery guests in the upstairs area, and the basement is quite full. As a new mom, I have to pick and choose where my time can go and what things are most important for me to accomplish. Clearing out spiders in the basement just hasn’t made my list. And so, I have had to learn how to coexist, how to embrace the spiders. Well, at least enough to welcome the thought of them, and let them be.

While I can appreciate that the God of Wonders has gifted such beautiful and varied creation to this world, I, by no means, understand how it all works together for our good. I was at my wits end with the spider population when I came upon a wonderful new podcast that unexpectedly spoke to this very issue! Let Love, A Podcast with the Sisters of Life, had reminded me that spiders, while they may look scary with their beady eyes and long legs, play a vital role in creation. They are one of those creatures that keeps the food chain going – they eat other insects. I have had to pause and ponder that – spiders eat other intruders that bother me in the house as well! When I was looking into ways to kill the spiders that seemed to be taking over the house, I also came across warnings NOT to kill them. They are an important part of the ecosystem, and to the agriculture specifically. Being a farmer’s wife and a food lover, this point is an important one for me to remember! The crops need spiders to protect them! And so does the house…as much as I hate to admit that.

So the “kill every spider immediately” mentality I used to have is slowly waning. I can feel myself giving up control in an area that I would not have chosen on my own, but am seeing fruits from it. While I used to grab the vacuum upon first sight, I now think twice and often let it go. It has given me freedom to let my house get messier between cleanings at times, which is helpful with small children around. And I am learning an even greater trust in God…1 John 4:18 says “perfect love drives out fear.” Casting out fears is not an easy thing to do, but with God, all things are possible.

Maybe you don’t think you have any spiders in your house. Maybe you just vacuum up confetti. Or maybe you have a robot vacuum cleaner and you don’t even know what it picks up. But I guarantee you, spiders are still there. My challenge to you is to let your spiders grow. If you are like me, that will take a lot of leaning on the Lord.

We all have to confront our fears. I love that God is using something that disgusted me to grow me. What started as a panic trigger is now an invitation for me to grow in virtue. To behold the beauty of even the smallest things. To let love captivate me. To learn what battles to fight and what ones to let go of in life. And to find His peace in all things. So here’s to letting my spiders grow…

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