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Left in Awe - Nature vs. Humanity

Left in Awe - Nature vs. Humanity

By:  Brandi Copeland December 2, 2021
#AmazingNation, #God, #Live, #love, #Wisdom

Nature blows me away. When I see a rainbow, or a sunset, or a waterfall, or the trees coming back to life, I’m struck with such awe. It’s so breathtaking. And so powerful. And its beauty leaves me pondering... Why isn’t such creation proof enough of a Creator? Why can’t we look at the life that is blooming all around us during this spring and be amazed by the powerful Creator that is Our God? I think too often we take creation for granted, yet I can’t help but smile EVERY SINGLE TIME. I notice the trees beginning to bud and the flowers starting to grow. Like a little kid on Christmas waiting for the fullness of life that is Christ, I wait for the fullness of life through Christ in creation every spring.

Yet no matter how much I love experiencing the beauty of creation and nature, I'm left even more in awe when I think of the beauty of humanity. We as humans are beautiful, way more beautiful than the nature that surrounds us. We were made so intentionally by our Creator. From power, we are created WITH power. Like how we take creation for granted, we often take the gift of power for granted too. So, what if today we don’t take it for granted? What if we used that power for something good-for others, for life, for love, for laughter, for celebration. What if we really take in the beauty of nature around us and use it to appreciate the beauty of humanity too?

I’m sitting here with such gratitude for the beautiful waterfall that I sat under yesterday, for the way the sun peaked in and out from the clouds, for the sound of the water rushing, and for the gorge which surrounded me. Yet, I’m even more grateful for the beautiful human I sat next to. I’m grateful for her joy, her excitement, the way she loves dogs and her new camera, her honesty and authenticity, the way she plans and has great attention to detail, and so much more. I would take her friendship over the beautiful waterfall any day. The power of friendship is far greater than the power of nature.

The power of humanity is far greater than the power of nature. Now, don't get me wrong, if you're a "nature-junkie" and you love hiking, outdoor sports, the beach, etc., I think that you need to rejoice and marvel in that! I'm right there with you. I LOVE nature! So, know that this blog is a challenge for you, but also for me. I need to remember that the person who annoys me at work, or the one who cuts me off while driving, are far more important than the nature that I admire so much.

Today, I’m committing to appreciating the nature around me, but as soon as I’m annoyed or bothered by someone, I will take time to appreciate them even more. Maybe you can take the time to do the same. Remember, God created the world, but wasn’t satisfied until He created us humans for the world. We live on a beautiful Earth, but we’re surrounded by much more beautiful people.


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