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It's not about me

It's not about me

By:  Amazing Nation October 15, 2020
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Several times during my life I had to do things which made me uncomfortable. In my youth, I never really pushed myself to do much of anything. However, in junior high and high school, I was in the Knights of Columbus youth group, the Columbian Squires. We did charity and fun activities. After a few years, I wanted to run for a state office, but I was afraid of the public speaking and campaigning that would be required to win. My dad was a graduate and teacher for Gabriel Richard public speaking. They are a Christian public speaking group (think Dale Carnegie) that would teach Christian based public speaking methods. He helped me through some exercises and techniques to help enable my attempt at attaining that state office. At the state convention, I employed the exercises and strategies that he taught me. Though extremely nervous, I introduced myself to the leaders of the other local groups around the state, delivered my speech and ended up winning the office. The whole time though, I was very uncomfortable. Humongous butterflies in my stomach and insecurity the whole weekend of the convention, even after I won. 


Your Word through my mouth, Lord
As I grew into adulthood, I wanted to help read at Mass. Although I still was extremely nervous both before and during my reading, I had a revelation that helped immensely. I learned to take the focus off me. I was afraid of messing up, stumbling, mispronouncing words and embarrassing myself. I was standing up to read the Word of God and all that I could think about was myself. One day while preparing for the reading, I looked up at the cross and realized that it is not about me. It is about Him. My prayer became, “Lord let me be a vessel of your message. If I mess up, help the people to understand your words. Help them get the meaning.” 

Once I took it off me, it helped immensely. I was much less nervous and read a lot better. That doesn’t mean that I was perfect every time, but if I did mess up a little, I was able to handle it better, because after all, it is not all about me, nor should it be. I employed this many times and through many situations in my life. When I have to do something uncomfortable, I talk to God. “Lord, help this happen if it be Your Will”. Handing off to God has helped me through interviews, presentations, and, for someone who is more introverted, social interactions. 


Now, whatever I do in life I look at it through the perspective of God’s Will. If I think it is the Will of God, I put in a full effort, work hard towards it, hand it off to Him, and let whatever happens happen.

Lord, thank you for being there for me. I know that you always are, and always will be.


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