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I'm Good, but My Anxiety is Bad Today

I'm Good, but My Anxiety is Bad Today

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer February 4, 2021
#AmazingNation, #Anxiety, #Encouragement, #Jesus, #youreamazing

A few years ago, I never would have had the words "good" and "anxiety" in the same sentence. Goodness couldn't include anxiety and anxiety definitely couldn't be something that was good. But as time went on, I learned the causes of my anxiety - the triggers, thought patterns, core beliefs - and I learned how to manage it. Through a lot of support from others, I eventually got to a place where I was freed from it.

But today, my anxiety is really bad, like hard-to-breathe-isolating-from-people-edge-of-a-panic-attack kind of bad.

When my anxiety gets like this I usually try to identify how I got to this headspace, what triggered me, what the tone of my mind is suggesting, where I'm feeling the anxiety on my body, etc. I use the countless tools that I've learned over the years from my support system. Identifying these different things allows me to understand why my body is reacting the way that it is. But sometimes I can't understand the why. And when I can't understand the why, I spiral more into anxiety.

That is until I was reminded that it's okay to have a bad day with anxiety. It's okay to feel all the things and to lean into them a little bit. We have to give ourselves a gentle reminder that not only will it be okay, but IT IS okay. Just because I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack today doesn't mean that my identity is my anxiety nor does it mean that I am no longer free from my anxiety. I am still free from the chains that used to bind me when it came to my anxiety, but sometimes I have bad days. That's the thing with freedom - once you break those chains there is no going back.

I can't go back to being chained up because I know what freedom looks like. I've experienced what freedom feels like. I've met freedom personally, and He is so good. And so am I. So I may lean into the anxiety, but I'm also leaning right into Jesus. He is the freedom, He broke the chains, and He is that gentle reminder that I am good, even if my anxiety is bad today.

So if you're having an off day, give yourself permission to be there. Don't let it consume you completely, but let yourself lean into it. Be honest and compassionate with yourself in that space. And most importantly, invite Jesus into that space too. Lean into Him. Share with Him every little detail about your anxiety. Maybe it's in that space that you'll see how good Jesus is, how good you are, and how good your anxiety is. I mean, at the end of the day it is your anxiety that brought you to this intimate place with Jesus, so it can't be that bad after all.

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