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I Feel So Stuck: Navigating Seasons of Discontentment

I Feel So Stuck: Navigating Seasons of Discontentment

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer July 6, 2021

The past few months have been a spiritual roller coaster for me! It’s been a struggle for me to have gratitude for the season I am in with my vocation, with my mind, and with my prayer. Not too long ago, I was sitting with a woman who I see as a mentor, and she asked how I was doing. As I shared with her, at one point I just blurted out “I feel like I’ve been stuck in a mental battle, and I’m so exhausted.” The moment I said those words out loud, the weight of that statement became very real, and I just cried. Over and over in my mind I have been waging a war, and the thought I always came away with was “I feel so stuck”.

So while all of this can seem overwhelming to me, I am slowly (and I mean slowly!) seeing that this time in my life is a true and valuable gift that I will never get back. I am not saying I’m perfect because God definitely hears many of my sinful human thoughts when I come to Him. But I know that He is gentle, He is careful, and He is so available to me in this all. How crazy is that? Here are a few of the ways that the Lord has led and helped my heart through my ups and downs.



Discipline of Mind

This is a biggie for me. It’s very easy for me to fall into patterns of negative thoughts, and suddenly find myself in a spiral that ends inself-negativity and self-hatred. Unfortunately, when I can’t seem to find answers, I tend to look at myself and cast blame and harsh statements upon my identity. This is a very raw and emotional place for me because I know how much it saddens Jesus to see his daughter look at herself with anything less than gratitude and awe. Disciplining myself to stop the negative spiral of thoughts, and replacing them with life giving statements is incredibly helpful for me.



Finding the Positives

Once I discipline my mind to not get stuck in negative thoughts or emotions, it frees my heart to see the orchestration that the Lord is doing right before my eyes. Sure, some days it’s not easy to see the positives, but I’m slowly learning that the Lord has such intentionality and a lesson for each situation I feel negative about. He cares for me so deeply, that situations that can feel hopeless or just plain discouraging may actually be Him protecting my heart from hurt down the road. Recently, I have seen in my friendships that the closeness I am experiencing with them and the lessons I am learning from them is something precious that will help me in my next season of life more than I can understand now. In my pride, I don’t want to admit I need growth, but my friends are helping me to see just how much God wants to help me grow where I am at.



Don’t Compromise Prayer Time

I don’t always feel it, I don’t always desire it, and I certainly don’t always understand it. But my prayer time cannot be compromised. I have found that even just sitting with the Lord - no words, no reading, no writing - just sitting with Jesus as my anchor in navigating the stormy seas of this season. I can’t always explain or tangibly experience it in the hard moments, but looking back on my life, I see over and over again that God is so perfectly faithful. His goodness transcends even my human ability to see it, and He never stops working for the good of His kids. He’s not looking at us from heaven with aloof eyes and judging our decisions. He is actually right next to us wiping our tears away and extending His friendship whenever we need it.


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