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How to React to Consolation and Desolation

How to React to Consolation and Desolation

By:  Mission Team October 25, 2021
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So I picked up a book today and it was called “The Discernment of Spirits”. After I had read part of the introduction, I stopped and thought, “what is my perspective on consolation and desolation in my life right now?” Growing up, I remember letting those feelings direct my actions and beliefs. I thought that if I was in desolation I must be doing something drastically wrong and I would even think sometimes that I was in mortal sin because of it. Now my reactions are more consistent. There are times I don’t receive much from prayer, and there are other times where I can’t contain everything God is trying to give me. But how do we remain certain in God and pursue Him with our whole hearts whether we are in consolation or desolation?

I believe part of the answer is having confidence in God’s desire for our hearts, and our humility in being real with God. I know that whether I feel as if I am on fire for Christ, or like I am failing Him terrifically, I can choose in the present moment to love God with everything I’ve got. If I think I’ve sinned in a big way, me loving God in that moment with everything I have might be me telling God. “Lord I’m so sorry, I don’t know fully if what I did was wrong or maybe I do, but I am sorry and I want to do better please help me." If I am being consoled it will be me telling God, “Thank you so much Lord, help me to love you a bit better today than I did yesterday Lord”. I think it is above all a surrendering of myself to Christ and realizing that He is the source of grace, and I need that grace if I am to say yes to Him in any way. It is all surrender.

So, how do I know whether I am being real with God in these times? This is where I love to say please do not be scrupulous. You cannot make a mistake when you are speaking with your whole heart to God, and telling Him exactly how you feel. “God, today I feel like you will not let me know what is actually best for me in my discernment of next year.” or “Lord I I’m afraid I won’t have the courage to choose this college that you have steered me towards even though I desire it, because I am already attached to this other one.” Being real with God is one of the most freeing things you will ever practice in your life. The only mistake you can make is holding back your heart from Him. For once this becomes a part of your life, desolation becomes more endurable, and consolation becomes more rich.

Have humility. Why do I say this? Because now, no matter what you just told God, your feelings, responsibilities, and circumstances, are in His control. Nothing may change if you are in desolation. But it takes humility to live one truth. God is in control. “If I must suffer today let it lead me to love Him more.” You are not in control. But through God’s grace you can choose joy through choosing to be grateful, and you may choose to praise Him despite your circumstances. A large part of dealing with desolation is believing the truth that you are not a slave to consolation or desolation. But yet, consolation and desolation are gifts from Christ given that we learn to love Him better. It is also important to realize that if you are in consolation, you are being prepared for desolation, and when you are in desolation, then you are being redirected to consolation.

Our God is so good that He didn’t make us slaves to our feelings, moods, spiritual highs or lows. He gave us free will. That way we can love Him better. And why is it so good to love Him better. Because we were created for Him and to be unified to Him. Therefore the more we love Him, and are in union with Him, the more we are filled and are who we were made to be. Therefore be free. Desolation has nothing on Jesus Christ, in fact, desolation is Christ’s gift to you.

About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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