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How a Song, Scripture, and People Saved Me From Self-Harm

How a Song, Scripture, and People Saved Me From Self-Harm

By:  Mission Team November 10, 2020
#AmazingNation, #Depression, #God, #Hard as Nails, #YouMatter, #youreamazing

WARNING: This blog includes information about self-harm. If you are currently experiencing self-harm, untreated depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. be sure to reach out to a trusted adult or proper organization immediately. More resources can be found at the bottom.

I remember the last time I self-harmed like it was yesterday. I was stuck in a horrible pattern of self-hatred, control, and extreme anxiety. Everything in my life felt out of control and I looked to self-harm as my way of coping and anchoring. In my mess of a mind, I thought I did all that I could – reached out to God, reached out to people, reached out to a counselor – and self-harm was my only option. I was wrong.

I am not a doctor or counselor. I don’t have an education that qualifies me to speak about self-harm. All I have is my own experience and I write from that place. I write from a memory of a wound that has now been healed. I write from a memory of a chain that has been broken. I write from freedom.

Every person with this challenge has a different “reason” as to why they choose to self-harm. Whatever the reason may be, it is real and consuming and overwhelming. The season that they are in is one of darkness; however, it is the light that saves. Overcoming self-harm can often start from the outside – something outside of yourself needs to break through. Light needs to take over the darkness and like the Switchfoot lyrics say, “The wound is where the light shines through.”

Here three things that led to me being saved from self-harm.

This song was the icing on the cake for me. I cried out to God to play this song for me. I even bargained with him to play the song and I told Him I would stop hurting myself. (I don’t recommend this. God is a faithful and compassionate God. He comes through no matter what, even if a song isn’t played.) However, in this specific instant, He played the song for me. Then he played it again. The lyrics of this song brought me back to uniting my scars with Jesus’s scars. When you listen to this song and let it consume you, you can’t help but be led to thankfulness. You become thankful for the scars that Christ has and you become thankful for your own scars – because that’s when you know that His scars and your scars are the same.


If you have seen the Mel Gibson film, “The Passion of the Christ” I’m sure that there are moments throughout that hit you harder than others. One of the hardest scenes for me to watch is the scourging at the pillar. The hardest scene for me to watch, is the thing that keeps me clinging to the Prophet Isaiah’s words: “By His wounds, we are healed.” There are times where I am tempted to self-harm still, but I am immediately brought back to those words. Jesus was pierced, crushed, scourged, striped, and wounded. No matter how much self-hatred I have, or control I’m seeking, or pain I want to cause myself, or condemnation I put myself through, it is nothing in comparison to what Jesus went through. And when I self-harm, I put HIM through it again. For me, I didn’t want to hurt Jesus any more. I found freedom in knowing that He Saved me, and so I have to let Him continue to save me from the scourging I put myself through.

3. YOU

When I realized that there were people around me struggling with the same challenge and looking to me for hope, I knew I needed to change. According to one analysis of self-injury across more than 40 countries found that 17% of all people will self-harm during their lifetime (See stats here). If I’m in a group of 10 people, one or two of them may have or will self-harm at some point in their lifetime. I knew how extremely difficult it is to overcome such a grave challenge, but when I looked around me, I knew that wanted others to be victorious which meant that I had to be victorious. I couldn’t have people looking for me for hope and then give them hopelessness. Others needed light to shine through, so I had to learn how to hold onto the light instead of the darkness. One friend of mine who knew of my struggles and my steps toward victory, opened up to me about how she actively self-harmed. I got to look at her in the eyes and promise her that victory is possible. If God got me through it, He will get her through it, and He will get you through it. You matter to me. You matter to people in your life. I promise you, being a walking example of freedom and hope is worth it.

I hope as you read this you take time to listen on the song Scars by I Am They, reflect on the Scripture from Isaiah, and write a list of all of the people in your life that need hope and freedom as well as a list of people who have been light in your life. God is going to do beautiful things in your life. Your life matters. You are not alone. There is always hope.

If you or someone you know is dealing with any of the issues listed below, please seek help from your school counselor, parents, and/or a trusted adult. Below are some anonymous hotlines and websites that you can also contact for more help:

Suicide: 1-800-273-8255

Self Harm: 1-800-366-8288

Sexual Abuse/Assault: 1-800-656-4673

Physical or other Abuse: 1-800-422-4453

Addictions: 1-800-662-4357

If you are looking for help in your area, visit for referrals.


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