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How Communication Restores Faith

How Communication Restores Faith

By:  Justin Fatica April 19, 2021
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In my years as a speaker and preacher, I’ve encountered countless people with every challenge and suffering you can imagine. I have witnessed miracles and so many stories of Christ’s Victory over the suffering and death in the world. Overcoming these challenges isn’t always easy, but good communication allows God and others to support us in our trials.

Communication with God

The desert is where we find out where the Father lives within us. We know our relationship with God is solid when we are communicating in the desert and have faith. Without faith, there is no communication because faith restores communication with the Father.

When we have faith, we believe in God and men without hesitation, and that allows us to be in close relationships. It’s our constant communication with God that allows us to communicate with others.

Communication with Others

Communication is about seeing good in people no matter what’s going on. If we’re entering into communication with love, then communication can be successful.

When we enter in with the mindset that someone is bad, then communication will likely be miserable. We have to believe in people! God has faith in us, we have to have faith in our sisters and brothers in Christ in the same way.

In my life, I love to love people. I have had hundreds of people share their deepest wounds and sufferings with me. Things they have been through and even things they are ashamed of. They don’t share with me because I am great, they share it because they don’t have anyone else to tell. They know that I am going to love and believe in them no matter what. Our world is starving for people to listen to them without judgement.

Communication of the Past

The only reason we should share about our past is if we’re moving forward. Look backward only to move forward. It’s a waste of energy to look backward if you aren’t getting the grace to move forward. We should share for Christ and the glory that he has done, not for our own fulfillment or gain.

Our job is to share in order to defeat the attitude that you won’t be loved if people really know you or everything about you. Our past experiences can give us a heart that is open to what others have to say. Our goal is to love someone so much that they feel safe sharing the things they could not imagine sharing because you will love them.


Take Action!
Take a risk with one person you know today that is struggling. Share with them something from your past that God has brought grace and glory to.

Lord Jesus, please open my heart to better communicate with you and others in my life. Allow me to listen to those who are hurting today. Help me to always see good in others and to believe in them no matter what. Amen.


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