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How Being a Fangirl Taught Me Virtue

How Being a Fangirl Taught Me Virtue

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer March 4, 2021

You know how there are different moments in your life that are so pivotal where there's only before and after that moment? It could be a championship game or the birth of a family member or even your first heartbreak, but we all have those different moments. For me, one of those moments was when I was introduced to One Direction.

The first time I saw their music video for What Makes You Beautiful my heart skipped a beat. It was before they had any concerts in the United States, and I dove headfirst into discovering everything I could about them. I became a fangirl, like t-shirt-wearing-posters-on-my-bedroom-walls-memorizing-every-song-painting-my-nails-UK-and-Irish-flags-believing-I-was-going-to-marry-Harry-Styles type of fangirl.

Looking back on my teenage years, I'm about 5% embarrassed and 95% entertained by how big of a fangirl I was. One Direction really got me through some tough times. They were my anchor when I was injured, they were my friend when I lost friends, and they were my joy in the midst of depression. I'd like to say that Jesus was these things for me, but the reality is that I turned to One Direction instead of Jesus. Turning to One Direction taught me so much more than I could have imagined, so I'm not ashamed of those years of fangirling.

1. One Direction taught me how to have passion.
Around the time that I started binge-listening to One Direction, I got a career-ending injury during high school sports. While my parents were gripping to the idea of me playing again, I slipped away into discouragement and depression. Yet there was One Direction, bringing me joy when I didn't think I could smile any more. 

The more of a fangirl I became, the more passionate I was. I loved everything about them, and I wasn't embarrassed to show that. I was so impressed with these 5 "normal" guys who didn't fit into a cookie cutter and were living their dreams. They showed me that I could still dream, and I could be passionate about those dreams!

2. One Direction taught me loyalty.

The thing I said about not being embarrassed about loving One Direction? That's because I quickly became loyal to them. There were countless people in my life at the time that probably thought I was a weirdo for being so passionate about a boy band, but the more judgement I perceived from people, the more loyal I became.

I grew up witnessing a lot of broken relationships in my life, a lot of people being unloyal. The more I learned about each member of One Direction, the more I felt loyal to them. Sure, I didn't know anything about who they truly were as people, but I knew what they let us see through their concerts, vlogs, and music. I believed in them, and I was committed to them.

I remember there was a time where One Direction was in a "Twitter-feud" with another band. They were going back and forth, calling each other out, and just destroying one another. Looking back now I will say that a "Twitter-feud" is not the best approach to effective communication, but at the time I was 100% team One Direction at all times no matter the subject. They taught me loyalty.

3. One Direction taught me how to be an intentional friend.

Watching 5 teenage boys live their dreams in front of an entire world while being passionate and loyal to them is an interesting thing. I watched them bond together, have fun on stage, joke with each other, etc. and it was always such an attractive thing to me.  
I loved watching their friendship grow.

Seasons change, people change, and circumstances change. Watching the band break up and the hurt surrounded by that was so gut wrenching. However, it showed me that I needed to be intentional in all of my friendships. You never know what someone is going through unless you sit in their corner with them. The more understanding, the more compassionate, and the more kind you are, the more you can grow in intentionality with your friends.

One Direction isn't the greatest thing in the world, but they were a big part of my world when I was a teenager. 

Now when I listen to their music, I have such nostalgia for my teenage years. I can't help but smile. 

They taught me how to be passionate, to be loyal, and to be an intentional friend. Although they are far from perfect, I'm glad that I had those years as a fangirl. I'm even more glad that I no longer turn to them on my worst days, and now I turn to Jesus.

With Jesus, I've learned how to purify my passion, loyalty, and intentionality, so that all things I do are heavenly focused. Of course, I'm still learning and still growing, as we all are. I may not be a t-shirt-wearing-posters-on-my-bedroom-walls-memorizing-every-song-painting-my-nails-UK-and-Irish-flags-believing-I-was-going-to-marry-Harry-Styles type of fangirl any more, but I am a passionate-loyal-intentional-Jesus-loving-One-Direction-listening-woman, and I have no shame in that.


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