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God Is Always with Us

God Is Always with Us

By:  Anna Salmonowicz May 13, 2021
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I think it’s easy to forget that the Lord knows our story and that He is present as it unfolds. There was a moment a few months back that reminded me of how intimate the Father’s love for us and the story he has written for us truly is.

It was a warm Fall day in October. A friend and I were walking a loop at a local park. It was packed. People were jogging, taking strolls, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful afternoon with their families. We were enjoying our walk, but as we rounded the loop a young girl came running to us, frantically crying for help - her father was just ahead lying on the path gasping for air. He was having a heart attack.

A small crowd began to gather to help. Having no idea of how to help, I simply stood with the girl and some other women as we tried to comfort this girl and assure her that everything was going to be okay. One man who had been taking a run at the park, took the lead of talking to the dispatchers on the phone. What seemed unusual though was that this jogger knew the medical history of the man having the heart attack. As he was on the phone, we overheard him referring to the man by name and telling the dispatchers, “Yes, he has a history of heart issues, and he had a heart attack previously in 2018.”


I couldn’t help but wonder, who was this guy? The young girl didn’t seem to recognize him, but he knows her father’s name? Wasn’t he just running the path when he came across this emergency?

After speaking to the dispatchers, the jogger got down to the man’s level and kept repeating: “You’re doing great; hold on, help is coming.” Soon after, the medics arrived and rushed the man to the hospital. He made it through and has since recovered. It turns out the jogger who assisted that day used to be the associate pastor at the man’s local parish. He knew the man and his family, and was befriended by them during his time at their church.


As I went home that afternoon, I was amazed by God’s providence. I couldn’t shake how the jogger knew the man by name and the history of the man’s heart.

And it struck me - does not the Father know the history and the condition of my heart so intimately as well? He knows the journey my heart has been on. He knows the story that lies ahead. He knows the loneliness, He knows the fears, He knows the pain that my heart has endured.

But like any good Father, does he not rush to me like the jogger rushed to the man? Does he not call me by name and reach out to save me and encourage me by reminding me to hold on, that I’m not alone, and that He is there to save?

It reminds me of Mother Teresa’s prayer “I Thirst”, where she writes,

“I know what is in your heart, I know your loneliness and all your wounds, the rejections, the judgments, the humiliations, I carried it all before you. And I carried it all for you, so you could share My strength and My victory. I know, above all, your need for love, how much you are thirsting for love and tenderness. Yet, how many times have you desired to satisfy your thirst in vain, seeking that love with selfishness, trying to fill the void within you with passing pleasures, with the even greater emptiness of sin.”

The Father knows our story. When the condition of our hearts are weak and aching, He does not leave us but He runs to us to save us, to heal us, to remind us that we are not alone. He wants to satisfy our hearts. Today, I invite you to let him in and to have hope in knowing that you are seen and known by such a compassionate Father.

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