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Game Winning Kicker gives us his Top 5 NFL picks!

Game Winning Kicker gives us his Top 5 NFL picks!

By:  Amazing Nation September 25, 2020
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Do you love sports or have a fantasy football team?

 You MUST watch this week's episode of the You’re Amazing Sports Show! Not only is Justin Fatica an avid sports fan, but he is joined on this week's episode by the Kansas City Chiefs “butt kicker” himself... Super bowl winning field goal kicker... Harrison Butker! Butker catapulted the Chiefs to multiple victories last season, and most recently kicked an intense game winning field goal from 58 yards in a comeback win against the Chargers. We'll see what he can do against the Baltimore Ravens this week!

 Being one of the top fantasy kickers in the league, Butker certainly has a crazy amount of pressure on him. Despite being a full time NFL player, a father, and being under constant pressure from his team, Butker still puts God as his number 1 priority (not to mention he really knows football)!

Join Justin and Harrison as they reveal their expert picks for this week's top 5 NFL teams. These are teams that are sure to be a threat by living for Jesus Christ. Don't click away too soon! Listen in to hear Harrison and Justin's individual picks for which players they think are the most alive with Jesus Christ.




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