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Finding New Friends in College

Finding New Friends in College

By:  Mission Team October 8, 2021
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When I arrived at college, I was so excited. Finally, I would be away from my parents. Finally, I could have privacy. Finally, I could be free. I started off my time as most other freshman did: finding parties and getting drunk. That was what it was all about. Through classes, as well as people I knew prior to college, I began forming friendships with students who had the same mindset. It was not too hard. If you were easy to talk to and willing to party, friends were everywhere. Well, my core group began to form. We were all engineers, and we all just wanted to have a good time in college. I remember nights that we would run away from cops, jump out of windows, lie about our age, throw up in each other’s rooms because we were too sick to make it back to our own. On and on the list goes. And I will admit it, in the moment all those things sucked, but talking about it later was kind of fun. This was who I had become in college, so it came as a shock to many when I stopped.

It all started with a job at a bar. Seriously. Sophomore year came and I wanted a part time job. My friend and I knew someone who worked at a bar on campus, so we talked and before you knew it, we were both employed for one night a week. It was perfect. Well actually, at first it was frustrating. You see, I was hired as a bar back, essentially an extra set of hands when things got super busy. The busiest nights of the bar were Thursday-Saturday. The best party nights were Thursday-Saturday. Hence, I became unable to go out with my friends. I tried it a couple times, but between the physical toll working at a bar for 9 hours and my body’s recovery time from a night of partying, I would begin my week of school even more exhausted than I had ended it. Not only that, but the bar provided me the unique opportunity to be a sober bystander at a party. I would see people I knew from class act completely different. It seemed so fake. I began to go out less and less with my friends and as a result we became less and less close.

Junior year was really when the major change happened. Over the last year I had gotten more and more into my faith. I had signed a housing lease with friends from my first year of college, but I was really a different person by the time we were living together. That Summer, I had made the decision that when I went back to campus, I would pursue my faith full heartedly and find people that would help me with that. I came to the conclusion very quickly that my roommates and most of my friends from the previous two years were not those people. And they did not like that. As I started praying more, going to the Neumann Center to do work, and turning down opportunities to party and drink, some of my roommates became increasingly bitter. To them it seemed like I was not partying anymore because I thought I was better than them. I was put into a weird situation: I enjoyed being with my roommates more, but I needed to be with others who were into their faith.

There is a saying “You are who you hang out with.” I am a man pursuing my faith in Jesus Christ, and I need other men to pursue their faith with me. Interests outside of this may not match up. Heck, this could be the only common thing we share. But I would rather have this one thing in common than 1,000 other things in common with a person. The crazy thing is that the friends I made my last two years of college are the ones I still keep in touch with. My relationships have lasted not because of me, but because the most important part of each of our lives is found in Jesus Christ and love of God. It sounds cliché, but it is a fact. People who are trying to get to know the Lord as best as they can are the kind of people you want to surround yourself with, no matter your state in life. They will lead you to a higher standard.

About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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