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Dear Mom Thanks for Embracing the Burden

Dear Mom Thanks for Embracing the Burden

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer May 2, 2021
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Dear Mom,

Thank you for the graceful way you have raised me and all my siblings but especially my big brother who suffers from permanent brain damage. When he went into a comma from a pancreatic stroke at nine years old, you did not give into the temptations that came your way: the temptation to isolate from Dad and the rest of our family, the temptation to get mad at God for your suffering, the temptation ease your pain with pleasure, and the temptation to give up on life in general out of despair.

On top of soldiering through all of the feels of anger and fear, you carried me in your womb throughout that time. Despite the trial, you still gave of yourself to nurture me. As life hung in the balance for my big brother, you were giving life to me. I am not quite sure how it all works, but I know I bore with you the tremendous burden Our Lord asked you to carry at that time.

Praise God, my big brother recovered but unfortunately not without lasting scars. He has struggled ever since that event nearly 25 years ago with special needs. His analytical and motor skills have never been the same, and he will never be able to live independently. I know it has been a massive challenge caring for a son with special needs, but you have handled it with such grace.

You know it has always been a challenge for me to be the kind of brother God expects me to be. I used to get so impatient, angry, ashamed, and embarrassed by his behavior. However, you were always there to understand my struggle but to also challenge me to act rightly. Not only did you tell me to do what is right, you showed me as well. You struggled alongside me to love my brother. Thank you.

I know I pushed you away for much of my teenage years. It was a confusing and frustrating time for me, and you were the easiest person to take all of my emotion out on. I’m sorry. Thank you for showing me God’s mercy by how patient and persistent you and Dad were at loving me. Who knows where I would be if God was not so active in your life.

Your love for me hunted me down. In answer to your prayers, God pulled me out of the darkness that clouded over me, and I became someone new. I have truly learned to love my big brother and see him as a gift from God. I can see how God allowed us to struggle through this challenge to bring us closer together and to teach us that life is more than doing worldly things well.

Who am I to have such a life? God is so good to me, and one of the biggest reasons I know that is the way He has loved me through you. Thank you for suffering well and loving me so much.


Your son



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