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Climbing the Mountain of Self Worth

Climbing the Mountain of Self Worth

By:  Amazing Nation Guest Writer May 5, 2021
#AmazingNation, #Anxiety, #Depression, #Struggle, #Winning

Why am I like this? Why did she say that about me? What do they think about me? Why do I look like this? Why can't I change? I will never be able to do that. Why are you good enough?

Can you relate to me? I have battled the mountain of believing in myself and listening to these destructive words that engulf my mind. It wasn't until I started to practice and believe in these four handholds that I was able to start really reaching the top of this mountain.

 Strap into the Harness… Realize and become convicted in making a change!


 Are you motivated? Do you believe you can do this? Let's start by solidifying some goals, ideas, and inspirations! Next, what helped me was to start praying and asking God to give me the GRACE, knowing that God believes and wants me to succeed.

He will grant that conviction to keep climbing! Remember: “Virtue builds on Nature”. Form your nature to receive this conviction from God and He will never let you down! Strap into the Harness and realize God believes in YOU!


 Look UP and AROUND… Create an encouraging environment around you!


Look around you, are your friends encouraging you? building you up? Find and reach out to people who you know that can support you in this, maybe a sibling or a close friend, only a few can be your anchor on this climb.

 Start to pray for them and ask them to pray for you! For me it was my friend at home. It turns out he was struggling with the same thing. Now we are climbing together! So, look up and around and create an encouraging environment for this climb!


 Find a Veteran climber… Find a mentor who is living their faith and will help you climb!

 Is there someone I look up to? Are they virtuous? Do you have an intentional relationship with them? So finding a mentor is much needed. This gives a vision of what you can potentially reach. This can be challenging, and it should be! A mentor will empower you and be the catalyst to this climb. Saint Peter, the one who created the Church, needed Jesus to mentor Him! My Veteran Climber is Justin Fatica. He has been a great mentor for me, and he is living what he is teaching, and encouraging me on my climb!

Finding the Solid foothold… Becoming confident in who you are!

 WOW! You're in the harness, you're looking around, right above is your veteran climber! The final handhold is realizing that YOU ARE AMAZING! God has a specific plan and purpose for your life and this climb is going to be a slingshot into God's loving arms!

He wants to look at you and say: “My son, My daughter, You are mine and I love you for you.” Finding your confidence in being a son or daughter is the solid foothold in this climb!







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