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Born NOT to Shop

Born NOT to Shop

By:  Karen Pullano January 13, 2021
#AmazingNation, #Humility, #Truth, #Wisdom

I Hate To Shop!

Ladies, I hope you are sitting down for this one. I have a big confession to make. I’m ashamed to admit it (which is what inspired this post).

I hate to shop. Seriously. Hate it. With a passion. I wasn’t born for it in any way shape or form and, when I need something new to wear, I have to tamp down little waves of anger that I have to do it. I feel forced into it because I don’t want to be judged and ridiculed for my innate lack of fashion prowess. On my best day my outfit is merely passable and even if I’m okay with it there is always an underlying thought or anxiety that I will just never ‘measure up’ in this arena. It has taken work and prayer for me to be able to truly say, “I am okay with that.” I always love when we get around to the scripture at mass that says, do not be anxious about what you wear (Matthew 6:25). For me, it is advice taken quite literally.

Some women love to shop and I get that. My daughter Anna loved fashion. For her, it was the spice of life, a daily expression of her mood and taste and attitude. It was a way to always be fresh and new because her creativity opened up clothing options I could only secretly idolize in magazines (if I were an idolater of course, which I’m not).

And the jewelry. Please. I can’t even go there. I like to wear my favorite necklace. Every day. It’s my favorite. (Like smiling. Smiling is my favorite.) Why do I want to wear something that is NOT my favorite? I don’t get it actually.

Listen up, Ladies (and Men)

The Church’s wisdom here is beautiful and awesome and needs to be shared. Listen up, Ladies (and Men). Women do not get their dignity from their propensity to go shopping−or not. Or wear jewelry−or not. Whether you love to shop, hate to shop, or fall somewhere in between, your dignity was given to you at the moment you were a thought in God’s head. It was bestowed upon you by the Creator simply because He wanted to create you. He dignified His thought with your soul and then gifted you with a body and a living presence in His divine plan. And voila, here you are. Reading this awesome blog chock full of wisdom.

Chew on that a bit today. Imagine the ramifications of that truth. Your dignity does not exist in your appearance, or your likes and dislikes, or your taste and desires, and it does not lie in your intelligence, or wit, or kindness, or compassion, or any single trait that makes you who you are to the world.

You have dignity because you were created by the Creator of the entire world. Period. You were made. You are here. You were wanted and Loved. You are a child of God.

So, when I read scriptures that say don’t worry about what to eat or what to wear, or be not afraid, and don’t be anxious about anything, I take comfort because this life is just a circumstance to my being−it does not define or limit my dignity. I am here for a purpose. If I can look good along the way, I will make sure to enjoy that miracle!

Seek First HIS Kingdom

If I am successful and well liked and happy with my surroundings, then wonderful! If the opposite is true and my life feels impossible and miserable, then what is my Hope?? The Kingdom of God, which I was designed for, is my hope. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Mt 6:33)

The greatest thing I can do today is Trust my Creator and be obedient to Him. And no matter what I’m wearing, I am worthy.

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About the Author Karen PullanoKaren is a wife, and mom of 10 children. Her reflections on life and parenting come from her blog "Godversations"


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