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Being an Aunt Changed My Life

Being an Aunt Changed My Life

By:  Mission Team January 1, 2021
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I am the youngest of a big family, so when all my siblings were in high school I was still doing workbooks at the kitchen table. When they were in college I was in my dance recital costumes. When they began to get married I was carpooling in my high school uniform. One of my sisters had a boyfriend (now husband) who even asked me to help pick out the engagement ring after school my freshman year. So there I was; in my oxford button-up, plaid skirt, and knee-high navy socks, trying on engagement rings in the jewelry store. Ever since that day, I started to realize that my role in my sibling’s life was changing.

A Dream Come True
My whole life I have been looking up to my siblings, especially my big sisters. When I was a kid all I wanted was a younger sibling so that I wouldn’t be alone at the bottom of the family food chain. I waited a very long time for my sisters to start having kids. I thought they were taking way too long, then once they started they were all having babies left and right. Now in the last three years, I have gained seven nieces and nephews, with two more due this year!

I never thought that being an aunt would help my relationships with my siblings. I figured nieces and nephews would be a great distraction at family gatherings. I had never felt as though I had a role in my family growing up, I was always kind of tacked on at the end of the family. I never thought that my family dynamic would change, I always thought I would be stuck at the back end and forgotten. I may be just a free nanny to them now, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

As soon as my first niece was born, I was so excited to have a baby to hold when the family got together. When I look back I laugh at myself, because today when I go home on breaks I am greeted by two-foot-tall sticky bundles of joy and they are so much more than just babies to hold. I have watched each baby grow into their own personality and temperaments. Being in these kids' lives is the greatest gift I have ever received. I have found a new joy in spending time with my family. My interactions with my sisters have never been more fruitful.

More Than Growing Up
You might say that it has changed because we all grew up, but it is truly more than that. Not to say growing up isn’t a part of how my family is, but I wouldn’t reduce it to that alone. I have found that when I go to my sister’s houses and spend time with their families, I don’t feel like the little sister who was always in the way when I was young, but I feel helpful and wanted. 

love to go to their houses and help my sisters with the kids, cleaning, or even cooking. It is a new way to love them that I had never known before. I have always loved my family, but until I became an aunt, I found it very difficult to show them my love. Now I can love them more because they have given me nieces and nephews to have in my life! 

Many people have mistaken me for a teen mom. I can’t say I am insulted, because it does look like that sometimes. But I can say having these toddlers and babies in my life has made me more grateful for all that my sisters do: for me, for their kids, and for our family. I have learned more about the love of God the Father, through watching my brother become a dad and my dad become a grandfather. I have come to see how the family is so essential in life by watching my family be there for one another as they have questions, struggles, or sometimes just a hard night of no sleep. I see the ways my sisters give each other tips and pass on baby clothes and I am understanding how it takes a village to support a mother in raising a child.

I used to struggle with my family. I would dread big dinners on Sundays, then something changed when my siblings got married and started their own families. I am so grateful for my family, in a way I never was before, and I think I love them more now than I ever have.

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