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Become a Hero!

Become a Hero!

By:  Justin Fatica July 12, 2021

Do you believe you were called to be a hero?


I asked this question to a group of young men that I was speaking to this past week, and at the beginning of the talk, most of them had their heads down and their answer was “not really”. You see, this is a great challenge in our culture and for our nation, especially for young men. Somehow, we have lost the truth that God has made each of us to be a hero. God believes in us and wants a breakthrough in every area of our lives.


The greater the struggle to be a hero, the greater the grace

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or who you grew up around – God calls every single person to be a hero. Either you’re from the inner city, or the suburbs, God’s call to be a hero doesn’t change. Whoever says they are the least like a hero, that is the person that God gives the greatest grace. As I shared this message with the group of young men, their perspectives began to shift. They started to realize that the only thing stopping them from being a hero, was their own belief that they could not. When they accepted the idea of God’s grace allowing them to be heroes, the attitude in the room shifted.


When I say “I can’t,” God says “I can!”


When we are living as defeated people, or as I like to say, “belly button people” (people who hang their heads in defeat), we aren’t giving God the space to send His grace into our situations. As I talked to the boys, I had them repeat the phrase “When I say 'I can’t,' God says 'I can!'" This takes the pressure from us to become a hero, all we must do is to lift our whole self to God and say, “I can’t.” Then he will come in and make us into the heroes we are called to be.


Who do you want to be a hero for?


When you’re a hero, it’s not about what you are doing, it’s about WHO you are doing it for. All the heroes that we look up to have something in common. The driving force behind their heroic acts, are the people that they love. By the end of my talk last week, the boys stood up one by one and made a commitment out loud to their peers. “I will be the hero that God has called me to be!” Imagine if each one of us woke up each day and committed to be the hero that God has called us to be. Our kids need us to be heroes for them, our moms, dads, siblings, friends, and coworkers all need heroes to keep them going.




Lord, help me to reject the attitude of defeat, and accept the call you have for me to be a hero. Help me to be a hero for the person in my life who needs me the most. Take away my fear and doubt and allow me to let your grace into my life to be the hero that you call me to be.


Take Action!


Reach out to one person today who you see as a hero in your life. Thank them for their example and let them know how much they mean to you.


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