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5 Minutes to Success

5 Minutes to Success

By:  Mission Team December 28, 2020
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It is 5:00 am on a Monday Morning. I stayed up until 11:30 pm last night. I need to be at work at 6:00 am and have a forty-five minute drive. I jump out of bed with one thought, I have fifteen minutes. I stop, pray for five minutes, get dressed and make my lunch, and run out the door a couple minutes late. There is this feeling of anxiety of what they will think if I am late. Glancing down at the speedometer, I’m trying to decide if I should go ten over or fifteen over. It doesn’t make a difference. The traffic! There’s still ten cars between me and this light. Finally, I pull around the corner, jump out of the car with an unopened protein bar, and I rush into the building. It’s gonna be a great day…

5 Minutes Early
But has this ever been you? Has this become a common part of your life? For me, it was not rare for this to happen. I was stressed almost every morning, because there is so much anxiety in being late. But one discipline that was implemented in my life, from being a missionary with Hard as Nails, is known as “5 Minutes Early”. Not simply arriving five minutes early to work, but whatever I do, I am five minutes early. This means that if the time that I plan to leave is at 4:35 am, I must be in the car at 4:30 am. Is this genius or what?

But on the real, so often I will procrastinate, and I will leave something until the last minute. Like making my bed, brushing my teeth, you name it. This leads to me hopping in the car right on time and realizing that I actually forgot something. Have you ever experienced this?

Well imagine you hop in the car, but your teeth are brushed, all the lights are off, your breakfast eaten and dishes clean, but you have five minutes to spare. Now, in most cases you pull away after choosing the playlist of your desire. You will proceed to arrive five minutes early and with that five minutes, you can prepare for whatever you are about to do. Even if it is shopping, you can stop, take a deep breath, and simply think about what you need to do before walking in.

However, in some cases you may have left early, but there is a backup on the highway. If you left right on time, you would immediately begin to worry, but if you left five minutes early, then there is a buffer.

In other cases, you may be buckled and ready to go, but you notice you forgot your phone, or forgot to grab the chips for your party. But five minutes is the perfect amount of time for this, because it allows you to do anything you forgot. I am human, I don’t know about you, but I will forget, and sometimes the world will simply get the best of me.

Wisdom of the Time
Some might say, “Well that is just five minutes of time that I am wasting. I can leave on time and be on time. It’s not necessary to be sitting five minutes early in my class.” Yet in my experience, I have discovered something.

When I am five minutes early, I can prepare. It is in this time that I can think of what I am presenting, what questions I have, and what questions others might have. I have time to put finishing touches on work. This time is so valuable, it provides intentionality to whatever you are doing, and intentionality breeds success.

When I am five minutes early, I recognize that I am not late. If you aim to be on time, you will often be late, but if you aim to be early, you will often be on time. This is important, not simply for your sake, but for the sake of the people you are around. When someone is early, I know they respect me because they are respecting my time. It is a sacrifice to be early, you could be doing something else, but yet you are preparing for someone or something. When you sacrifice for something, you give it worth. You show people that they have worth when you are early.

When I am five minutes early, I can be human. We are human beings, not human doers. Therefore, sometimes, we have to not do, but be. Let’s say you are all set, you have nothing to do to prepare for a party, but you pull up five minutes early. This can be the time that you stop your day and just be. Breath, forget about your mistakes, look for something to be grateful for. And for five minutes, try to recognize all of the lies you believe about yourself, and breathe in the truth that you are a son, you are a daughter of a King. This is not a waste of time.

When I am five minutes early, I can be free of anxiety. When right on time, I am a slave to any little unfortunate event that will take my time and cause me to be late. Granted, God can make me late if He wants me late. In this I am called to be detached. But, when I strive to be five minutes early, no longer must I worry about disappointing people if I am late, or missing the beginning of or whole of the event. Rather, I can know that now if I am running late, then I will be on time.

This has helped me so much, but these are the ways that will help develop the discipline. If you start with striving to be ten minutes early for everything, then you will easily be five minutes early. The next event you have, be ten minutes early. Second, make a list of what is absolutely important to do before you leave. Then stick to that list. Only do what is on that list. Lastly, give yourself the time you need. Create an amount of time that is non-negotiable. Be firm in this. You can be less stressed, more intentional, and more respectful of people in your life, just through this discipline. Are you 5 minutes early?

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About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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