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3 Tips for Homeschooling While Pregnant

3 Tips for Homeschooling While Pregnant

By:  Dwija Borobia November 22, 2020
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A few weeks ago, in response to my traditional "sorry I've sucked at blogging, but first trimester" post, a reader asked me to talk about how I manage to homeschool with all that ridiculousness going on. So let's talk.

First, I have to say that I was not in a someone-hospitalize-me-quick condition. I also wasn't mild-stomach-irritation-but-could-still-go-on-10k-daily-runs sick. There's a middle ground in there where I found myself and where I think many of you might find yourselves someday, and that's where I'm coming from here: a fairly standardly incapacitated first trimester

3. Plan, plan, plan, plan, plan.
You know how we know not the day nor the hour that Jesus will arrive, and so we should probably not be stealing something or reaming out the poor dude at Quiznos, because that would just be embarrassing? That's how I feel about pregnancy during this season of life. Once I'm not postpartum anymore, I pretty much kick my butt into outrunning-a-train mode and try to do as many pregnancy unfriendly house projects and as much homeschool planning as I can.

This year, I set aside all my free time during the entire month of August and wrote up a week by week outline of what the elementary kids could work on. My big kids got course descriptions and all their books and a sit-down-go-over-we-understand-what-the-expectations-are chat. I'm not guaranteeing a trouble free life if you just plan it down to the last detail (we all know how hilarious our plans for the future can be to The Big Man anyway). I'm just saying that if you bake your five loaves and catch your two fish and then hand them over with faith, God will help your kids learn what they need to learn. But you gotta do the baking and the catching. He can do a lot with a little, but not much with nothing.

2. Let go of your vision.
In my perfect, imaginary life that doesn't exist, my house is always clean and beautifully seasonally decorated, I get ample exercise, three healthy, homemade meals are on the table at the same time every day, my kids' schooling is taken care of at the "right" time on the normal days and everyone is happy as a lark. The unfortunate truth is that a life like this requires six perfectly functioning brain lanes and the first trimester of pregnancy takes up a solid three lanes, minimum. Each toddler you have takes up an entire lane. So. I had only one functional brain lane for several weeks, so I had to pick ONE thing to focus on. But I couldn't just pick one, because life won’t even let me have that. So I picked two, and did them each imperfectly: feeding people and schooling people.

There was always food in the house, but most of it they made and served themselves. Things that can be "cooked" in the toaster are awesome and things that can be eaten cold are equally awesome, and they tend to eat most of those things during the first trimester. And school is...well, school is imperfect too. Use the schedules and plans that have made up in advance and just try and do something. Something. Maybe a little math, some reading, watching educational videos and programs, or even playing on schoolish websites. And don't be afraid to ask your husband for help, even if it means your kids "do" school in the evenings or on weekends! That's what I mean about things being not-normal. If no one has done school work during the day, it's not cruel and unusual punishment to do some after dinner or on Saturdays. Maybe they're not used to it, but that doesn't mean it's not possible, you know? It's just a brain shift that might make itself necessary.

1. Pray.
Praaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I honestly don't know how people survive pregnancy and newborns and toddlers. I mean I've DONE it and I still don't really understand it. It. Is. Crazy. And all I can think is that it really must be God's will that these things happen so He fills in all the thousands of gaps that make us certain that we are going to fail. So this is my prayer, "Lord, if it is Your Will that these things continue, that I have more babies, that I homeschool the already-born ones, that we proceed with life the way we are right now, then You gotta get in here and make it happen. I'm trusting in You because I don't know how I'm even going to get through the next hour, okay? Okay. Thanks. Love you." So I pray and it works out and I'm not really sure how it works out except that God must think it's a pretty good idea, so here we are.

Got any sweet first trimester homeschooling tips? Toss 'em in the comments if you do. I'm sure many mamas will thank you.

-Taken from Home Unseen. Life Unscripted. By Dwija Borobia.
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