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2021 New York and New Jersey Tour Recap!

2021 New York and New Jersey Tour Recap!

By:  Mission Team November 25, 2021
#AmazingNation, #Anxiety, #Encouragement, #God, #Hard as Nails, #youreamazing

Once again the Hard as Nails team went out on tour into the New York and New Jersey area. As missionaries, going out and hearing the stories of all the people we meet at events is one of the highest honors. So many people share their experiences with us and we get to see their witness to life first hand, which is incredibly awesome! This tour was no exception. We were able to impact hundreds of lives with our stories just as their stories impact our own hearts.


The first event we had was a senior retreat for Don Bosco Prep which is an all boys school in New Jersey. The boys were super crazy in the beginning, but at the end, Justin Fatica truly impacted them with his message. At one point, a guy came up to share his story and ended up preaching to his entire class about how they had lost their brotherhood over their years together. Although it was a bit unconventional, seeing one of the boys go up and embrace the message so much that he would want to speak it out in his own words was truly amazing to witness. Next we went to St. Lawrence O'Toole for a confirmation retreat and the kids had fantastic energy all night. At first, the kids were not convinced by the message at all, but midway through the event, Justin Fatica made a call for confession and over half of the kids decided to go. So many kids went that the priest had to stay late in order to let them all go. It was awesome!

On our third day of tour, we went to a youth rally at St. Anne's, which is located in Brentwood, NY. One of the missionary girls had the chance to experience this incredible story: "During our time at St. Anne's, there was one kid who struggled a lot with social anxiety and even tried to hide in the bathroom at the beginning of the event. However, she was really impacted by Justin's words and by the end she was crying. I tried to pray with her, but she once again hid in the bathroom stall. However, a few minutes later, another kid, not a missionary, went over and hugged the girl as she was coming out of the bathroom and was present to her as she cried. After their moment together, I went over and prayed with them and was able to encourage both of them, but especially the girl who was crying. We talked a bit more and honestly, I was just honored that she shared her heart with me, especially as she talked to me about the social anxiety she suffers from."

Next up was a crazy day in which many of the missionaries led a confirmation retreat at St. Catherine's and the others went with Justin Fatica to St. Helen's for half a day to run their freshman retreat before heading back over to St. Catherine's to finish off the retreat there. Another one of the missionary girls had this to share: "The event at St. Helen's was booked as a Justin Fatica only event, so the few missionaries who went weren’t supposed to really interact with the students. At the end of it, Justin Fatica came up to us and told us to go talk to this girl who was having a panic attack in the back room. We went back there and talked to her and prayed with her and by the end of it, she had calmed down significantly and was ready to go back out. It was seriously amazing."

While the event at St. Helen's was wrapping up, one of the missionaries at the event at St. Catherine's got to witness so many struggling kids get impacted by the retreat: "At St. Catherine's, many of the kids straight up told us that they didn't want to be at the event and were pretty quiet after that. As the day went on they were slightly more talkative, but still pretty closed off. But then, at the very end of the retreat, a bunch of the kids who said they didn't want to be there came up to us and asked me to sign their Bible and give them our favorite bible verses. It was super encouraging because we could see how much they had been impacted."

This tour was truly a humbling experience because we got to watch as people encountered Christ and were able to walk with them in their suffering. As Hard as Nails missionaries, we focus on sensitivity to sin and suffering both in our community and in the communities that we go out and minister to. This is what our events are about, sharing our sufferings and the sufferings of others and bringing them all to Christ who heals us. Everyday should be an encounter with Christ in which you choose to give your life to Him; through pain, through suffering, and through joy.


About the Author Mission TeamThe mission team is made up of writers within the HN team who serve for a time with our ministry to Awaken the World to the Power of God's Love. Through their efforts, their vision of making a world where no one suffers alone is an encouragement to many hurting people of all ages. 


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