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  1. Replace the Me, Myself and I with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  2. When we let God be God, we can boast of our affliction! We don’t have to be ashamed!
  3. Lord Jesus, I give you my life, through pain, through suffering and through joy

Challenge: Boast of your afflictions this week so that you will be lead to a hope in Christ and a life full of Joy in the Holy Spirit 

  1. We can have peace because we have the Holy Spirit!
  2. God has more for you, but He’ll give it to you when you’re ready!
  3. Everything that belongs to God, belongs to you.

Challenge: Ask yourself these 2 questions...  1) Do you trust that God is everything you need? 2) Do you want what He wants for you?

1. In our darkest moments that is when Christ is closest to us!

2. The Apostles chose to follow God in the midst of their fear and frustration. 

3. The Holy Spirit moves in powerful ways when He is the only hope we have.


Challenge: Honestly ask yourself these three questions today:

What are the things in my life that I’ve allowed to clutter the room in my heart that’s reserved for me and God? 

Am I really willing to believe? To step out in faith?

Can I keep it simple and let go of everything else that is not God? Because at the end of the day, it’s me and Jesus. 

1. Everyone's got a mom!

2. Mother's show us how to love like Christ

3. The perfect mom for you

Challenge: Post why you think your mother is the greatest on our social media pages! The best response will get a FREE “Love No Matter What” Hoodie!


1. God desires to dwell with you

2. Our Lord waits for you in the chapel of your heart.

3. God the Holy Spirit is given to us to help us encounter God's presence in our lives.

Challenge: Take 10 minutes to quiet yourself and imagine the chapel in your heart. Visualize it. Place yourself there,  sitting beside Jesus.  Encounter Him. Speak to Him. Rest with Him.

1.    Love all people 

2.    Love no matter what

3.    Love until it hurts

Challenge: Who are three people in your life who you can love better? Get out there and love like you've never loved before!

1. Anyone can show up every once in a while, but Saints show up every day.

2. People who become Saints, toil, sweat and fight every day for the kingdom. 

3.  Saints know the voice of God and He knows theirs.

Challenge: Ask yourself these three questions this week:

  • Am I hearing the voice of the Lord? 
  • Can I say that I know the Lord? 
  • Do I know that God knows me also and do I trust in this promise?


1. When you feel like God hasn’t answered your prayers - listen again to God’s voice and trust in His timing  

2. God is one step ahead of us! 

3. God knows us better than we know ourselves - but He still asks us for more!

Challenge: In what area of your life do you need to take a risk and trust in God’s plan for you? This week, make a commitment, go out on a limb, and take that risk!

1. Even the apostles struggled with their faith! Doubt isn’t a sin!

2. Thomas touched the hands of Jesus and looked inside that wound. Now we know that we have a God who understands what we’re going through. 

3. A relationship with God does not take away the cross. But when we put our hands on the nail wounds we understand that God has bled like we bleed.

Challenge: If it’s dark for you, don’t let go - hold on to your faith. Don’t give up on God because he hasn’t given up on us. 

  1. Stop listening to the lies that you are dead.
  2. We need to start inviting others to be risen in Christ!
  3. Have fun this Easter Season! Be that person that people want to be around. Don’t be a life-sucker. Be a life-giver!

Challenge: Find ways to have fun with someone you love this Easter season!

1. Jesus lowered himself to be one of us, so that we could be like him

2. Christ was never jaded about who he was. He knew who he was and what he was called to do.

3. Pride is a gross misunderstanding of who you are.

Challenge:  Be who God created you to be. This week, look at yourself and ask, "what do I need to change, remove or mend to be the person that God intended me to be?"

1. God wants to do something new!

2. Don’t focus on your past - move forward!

3. Hitting the reset button is either forgiving others or being forgiven by Christ.

Challenge: What is that one thing in your life that you need to reset? Ask God for His mercy today! Who is that one person that you need to forgive? Ask God to give you the grace to forgive them, so that you can reset, move on, and live the life that God’s calling you to!

1. During lent we must still seek joy in our faith.
2. This joy comes from having a father that doesn’t give up on us
3. As God places His trust in us, may we place our trust in Him

Challenge: Get yourself to the Sacrament of Confession and hand over all those things you once hoped would bring us joy! Only God can deliver us. 

God loves you!

1. Moses failed, he didn’t even make it to the promised land - but he still was a success!

2. God loves you and is faithful to those who do what is right

3. Our security is found in our prayer life

Challenge: Stay close to the cross today, meditate on the stations of the cross and you will be secure in God’s love for you!

1. Abraham had to let go of everything. God promised Abraham that He wouldn't let him go. God won't let us go either.

2. Faith is not a popularity contest. We have to be willing to let go of not just things, but of people too.

3. We sacrifice when we know what we are called to do and who we are called to be.

Challenge: This Lent, let one thing go that you've never sacrificed before.


1. No one who believes in him will be put to shame.

2. Hold tight to the Lord. If you are the son of God, command this stone to turn into bread.

3. The Lord knows what is best for you more than you know what is best for you!

Challenge: Spend 1 minute with our Lord, and tell him that you are sorry for believing in yourself and your own plan more than believing in Him.


  1. Keep it simple - God created us for a purpose
  2. Love never fails - when you're hated, when conflict comes in your relationships
  3. Everything Jesus said was totally against modern culture but everything he said or did was for people. We can love people with truth

    Challenge: Ask yourself, will my purpose ever die? 


Fr. Bryan Page, Chaplain of Hard as Nails Ministries, speaks about the Wedding at Cana

Here are three pointers to Sunday's Gospel:

1. We do not have any miracles at the wedding of Cana, a simple sign. 

2. Before the wedding at Cana, it was merely the power of his personality that attracted people to Jesus

3. A sign points to something beyond itself

It's time to let go of the past!  

We need to trust that God can do the impossible in our lives.

Who's ready to let God do the work?

1. It's the poor that gives back 

2. Give back all you have with all your heart

3. The most generous know that it is not yours anyway

1. Get an A+ in virtue

2. Saints are referred to in the Bible 67 times. All but one of those times it is referred in the plural sense, not singular. Only once!

3. A saint is God's kid in full effect (totally pure, totally servant hearted, live out virtue).

1. People at their wits end

2. Let God be the one to approve of you

3. Take courage, beg, and ask for the help you will receive

Three ways to live out this Sunday's Gospel readings!

1. Jesus bore the guilt give him your guilt.

2. Our high priest (Jesus) sympathizes with our weaknesses

3. For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and give His life for the ransom of many.

3 Steps to reading your Bible

1. Memorize the Bible
2. Read the readings for the upcoming Sunday and have a discussion with a friend about them
3. Learn the hermeneutics of the Bible, so that you know what they are saying and why they're saying it.

How many of us out there need some dating advice? Here's Justin's three steps to How to Win in Dating!

1. God has someone for you

2. You are made perfect through suffering

3. No man should be alone


Here are 3 ways you can live out this Sunday's readings!

1. Remember, true passion comes from suffering.
2. Those who do good are obnoxious.
3. Cultivating passion for God will cultivate peace in your soul.

Make sure you are reading and reflecting on the readings after you listen to the podcast!

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Gods in it to win it! are you?

Here are 3 ways you can live out this Sunday's readings!  1. Fear not every day! 2. Believe that God is in it to win it, even for dirtbags. 3. Believe God will win in big ways.

God keeps us humble by keeping us human 

We must be loving to those who want nothing to do with us. 2. We have to be humble, or pride will lead us to sin. 3. Remember what the people who really know you, and still love you, think of you, and you will be truly humbled! Make sure you are reading and reflecting on the readings after you listen to the podcast!

Our Identity is what makes us powerful

1. Our identity is what makes us powerful, not us. 2. Our identity was purchased by Jesus' blood. 3. Our identity is that we have the same power as Christ had. Make sure you are reading and reflecting on the readings after you listen to the podcast!

God is bigger than your circumstances

Here are 3 ways you can live out this Sunday's readings! 1. God speaks to us that He is bigger than our circumstances in life. 2. "So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17 God is telling us that we can start over this week! 3. Do not be afraid. Trust in God! Make sure you are reading and reflecting on the readings after you listen to the podcast!

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