It ain't over til it's over!

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We Are Called to Greatness! Jesus said we can do GREATER things than Him.

Yes -- you read that right.  Greater things than Jesus! 

In John 14:12, Jesus said: “Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father.”  If we sit back and truly comprehend what this means….Jesus is saying we can impact more people than He did during His time on earth.  We can help more people than He did.  And we can love more people than He did.

In episode 10, the journey for this group of Hard As Nails missionaries comes to an end.  But really, it’s just the beginning.  My prayer for each of them is that they pursue greatness in whatever vocation God calls them to – whether it be a priest or religious, married or single person, mother or father, working professional, lay minister, etc.

And another word for greatness in the faith life is sainthood.  The saints did great things because they loved God with all of their heart, mind, and soul (Matthew 22:37).”

They were infused with the love of God and thus received the grace to love and serve others.  None of us can be truly great on our own.  We need God!

And what amazing gifts the Church offers us in all of the Sacraments -- and in particular -- the Eucharist and Reconciliation!  These Sacraments give us the opportunity to encounter Jesus Himself to receive His love, strength and mercy. 

Pope Francis said: "The Sacraments are not mere appearances, they are not rituals; they are the power of Christ; Jesus Christ is present in the Sacraments." 

Pope Francis also said: “In the Sacraments we discover the strength to think and to act according to the Gospel.”

These Sacraments are available to help us live a life of greatness – NOT FOR OURSELVES, BUT FOR OTHERS.

Bishop Frank Caggiano, Hard As Nails’ Episcopal Advisor, says this in Episode 10: “Do not settle for the mediocre.  Do not settle for status quo.  And don’t look at life as something simply to manage or get through. Every single person is called to greatness….You can’t be great unless you meet the person of Jesus Christ.”

So let’s not make any more excuses!  There’s no time for games!  Jesus and His Church offer us everything we need to be great!  Let’s get out there and be great for the good of others!