WhY a bus tour?

One day when actor, Anthony Hopkins, was driving on the highway, he spotted a bell tower in the distance. The tower immediately intrigued him, so he decided to investigate it. The bell tower was on the campus of Thomas Aquinas College. When he reached the campus, he asked a passing student about the tower. The student told him that they wanted to build a new church on campus. They didn’t have enough money to build the whole church, so they began with the bell tower, since it would be the most visible, and would hopefully attract the attention and donations they needed to complete the project. Anthony Hopkins visited the university president and ended up donating the money needed to finish the project.

This “Amazing” bus is the bell tower for Hard as Nails Ministries. It was generously donated to us because someone believed in the ministry. Not only does it make travel for the team a lot easier, but it also serves as a symbol. People need to know where Hard as Nails is headed. We use the bus to quickly and cost effectively travel to new locations all across the country.  When people see the bus, we want them to know that they are amazing.  The bus is a vehicle of God's love.  As Hard as Nails missionaries, we are His hands and feet.

Upcoming Bus Tour dates

South Tour
 #1 (NY, NC, FL, AL, LA) January 26-30
Midwest Tour (OH, IN, IL, MI) February 21-March 2
West Coast Tour (Los Angeles and San Diego) March 8-12 
South Tour #2 (FL) March 21-24
North East Tour (NYC, NJ) April 1-5 

FALL 2019
Midwest Tour (PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, ND, SD, MN)
North East Tour (NJ, NYC)
South Tour (AL, FL)

Dates and additional tours to be announced!

For Event Inquiries contact HAN Booking Manger, Brandi, at 201-822-4871 or events@hanm.org


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