Love a jerkface today 


Ok here’s a love test. Answer honestly, and let’s see how you do!

“Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” - Matthew 5:44

A) I don’t know if I want to deal with my enemies, can’t I just love all the nice people?!

B) I’ll work on that later, I have a bunch of other things that I should work on first

C) Why would I love a jerkface?!

D) Sounds about right! Let’s do it!

If you answered “D” then you are on the right path! Welcome to Hard as Nails! But if you’re anything like me, to be real -  A, B, and C hit home and I’d like to run away from D. 

But you see, God has been teaching me a lot about loving others no matter what. But it’s a tough lesson to learn. The way that I used to look at love when I began my journey with Christ was that if I was a good person and I was just nice to others, then I'd be fine. But Jesus has a funny way of always taking it to the next level. Not only are we called to be more than just NICE, we are called to love one another with an intense love (1 Peter 4:8)! And not only are we called to love one another intensely... but we are called to love the people who are hardest for us to love with that same intensity!  THAT sounds hard. (Well, this is Hard as Nails so, yes, we’re gonna go there.)

Seriously, think about it. Anyone can love someone who loves them back... that’s easy! But how much more does it mean when you love someone who flat out rejects you and maybe even hates you? Isn’t that a true act of love, to find the a way to love even the worst people? Many of us have been rejected and hurt in some horrible ways, and I’m not saying it’s right…but I am saying that there’s a reason. I’ve heard it said that “hurt people hurt people.” No that wasn’t a typo, you read it right. People can only hurt others because they have been hurt by somebody else too. 

Here’s the deal. We need to look at why we love. If we love others for a response, then its not love at all. If its so that they love you back, then that’s selfish. For it to be true love, it needs to be a free gift and it needs to be for everyone. True love multiplies. True love is fruitful. True love is unconditional. Loving a jerkface is the greatest act of love you can choose. And guess what…jerkfaces need love the most!

Jesus knew this better than anyone! He hung out with the sinners and the ones who didn’t love him back. He even loved the people who crucified Him! That’s you and me. Every time we sin, it’s putting another nail in His hands to be crucified. But Romans 5:8 says, “God proves His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." You want to be like Christ? This is what it means to be Hard as Nails…ask yourself, would you die for someone who was set out to crucify you? Or would you only die for those who love and accept you?  This is a question that we all need to start thinking about because most people have those in their life that are easy to love as well as people who are not so easy to love in their lives. Today lets choose to love the person who treats you the worst. Today let’s get out there and love the biggest jerkface we know.  For some of us, that jerkface might be looking back at you every time you look in the mirror. If that’s you, then you gotta love you too - that’s the best place to start. It’s worth a shot!